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Powers. Deities. Gods. All are names for the highest high-ups of the multiverse, the endless, immeasurably powerful bloods who lord it over mortal beings and draw strength from the collective beliefs of their worshippers. Most folk think the powers are unknowable and unapproachable - and they're right. But any berk who wants to understand the workings of the planes'd better pick up as much chant as he can about the gods, their servants, and their homes.

How did the powers come to be? Did they spring fully-formed into the multiverse? Did they create the Outer Planes? Did the planes create them? Well, the answer is really a matter of belief. The faithful say the powers are the most important bashers the multiverse has yet to produce. The Athar claim the powers are just a big lie perpetuated by berks who're strong enough to force others to believe in them. And some think the powers are nothing but the next obvious step in mortal development. All of these bashers are right - and all of them are wrong. When it comes to powers, it's almost impossible to classify them.

Still, bloods across the cosmos have taken to the task. After all, life on the planes is all about the exploration of beliefs, the discovery of truths, and the daring of everything a body holds dear. More than a few have stumbled, wiped from existence because they dug too close to the heart of the matter. See, while good jink and high fame await a blood who can give the powers the laugh and escape with their secrets, it's no dark that any blood who wants to try is barmy.

Influential Pantheons

Sumerian Powers Babylonian Powers Celtic Powers Dwarven Powers Egyptian Powers
Elven Powers Finnish Powers Gnomish Powers Halfling Powers Greek Powers
Goblin Powers Orcish Powers Norse Powers Chinese Powers Indian Powers
Japanese Powers Cerilian Powers Krynnish Powers Oerthian Powers Faerûnian Powers