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Mount Celestia Layer
Order: Fifth

The fifth layer of Celestia is also called the Platinum Heaven. The slopes of Mertion are gentle, leveling off in great, sweeping plains dominated by citadels and domes. The citadels of Mertion are marshaling grounds for paladins, celestials, and other creatures of good and law.

Empyrea: Also called the City of Tempered Souls, Empyrea sits on the edge of a cold, clear mountain lake. The many healing fountains and curative waters in Empyrea can restore withered limbs, lost speech, derangement, and life energy itself; those who ail need only find the right fountain. Empyrea is also known for its healers and hospitals, and many a pilgrim seeks to reach this legendary site of perfect health.

Mount Celestia Layers

Lunia . Mercuria . Venya . Solania . Mertion . Jovar . Chronias