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Mount Celestia Layer
Order: First

The first and lowest layer of Celestia is also called the Silver Heaven. Portals from other planes connect to Lunia at the edge of the wine-dark Silver Sea, a vast gulf of holy water. The Silver Sea is salt-free and contains all manner of aquatic life, from tiny schools of silvery fishes to leviathans moving in the depths. Lunia's sky is dark but filled with silvery stars bright enough to illuminate the shore of the Silver Sea where it runs up against the base of the mountain. The shore is dotted with citadels and redoubts of polished white stone of various architecture and inhabitants. Many are open to trade from sea elves from the Material Plane.

Castle Mahlhevik: The wonders of Lunia offer much, even for a chaotic evil wizard committed to learning the paths of goodness. Calling in favors from various demideities and revealing his sincerity to highly placed archons, the wizard Mahlhevik built his castle on the shore of the Silver Sea in peace. While he's sincerely attempting to reform, he's got a long way to go, and retains many instincts and notions of his former lifestyle. Mahlhevik welcomes visitors and allows travelers of any alignment to stay in Castle Mahlhevik. Some of Mahlhevik's “old friends” such as Sytris, once called the Soul Reaver, and Japheth, formerly known as Lifeleech, visit from time to time. Arriving onto the plane waist deep in the holy water of the Silver Sea has a way of scarring and frightening away Mahlhevik's old friends, so they don't visit often. Interesting trades and even more interesting stories can be had at Mahlhevik's castle, and travelers who don't want to deal directly with archons regard it a good place to stay.

Mount Celestia Layers

Lunia . Mercuria . Venya . Solania . Mertion . Jovar . Chronias