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Mount Celestia Layer
Order: Fourth

The fourth layer of Celestia is also called the Crystal Heaven. A sky that shines with the glow of burnished silver hangs above the quiet slopes of Solania. Luminescent fogs and invigorating scents shroud the valleys. Many of the slopes hold mighty glaciers above, and they remain rich in ore and precious minerals below. Solania's peaks are home to monasteries, cathedrals, and other holy shrines. Often, these structures are the destinations of interplanar pilgrims seeking answers to questions of creation, toil, and love.

Erackinor: The slopes of Solania are deeply tunneled with a vast dwarven mansion called Erackinor. None but dwarves and dwarven petitioners are allowed within. Those who enter and return speak in hushed tones of stonework and craftsmanship that far surpasses anything a dwarf might have seen on the Material Plane. When Moradin fires up the deep Soul Forges below the roots of Mount Celestia, all the halls rush with the noise of the bellows. Dwarven clerics say Moradin uses the Soul Forges to temper the spirits of his people and their weapons. The forges may have other uses as well. The armories of Erackinor are second to none, and the combat-veteran dwarves and dwarven petitioners that fill Erackinor's halls make the mansion nigh impregnable.

Mount Celestia Layers

Lunia . Mercuria . Venya . Solania . Mertion . Jovar . Chronias