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Female Tiefling
Player: SGravley
General Information
Full Name: Karala
Nicknames: "Big Lady", "Big Tiefer", "Leatherdove", "Gatavisa"
Age: 29
Deity: None
Occupation: Tout, Part-time Planeswalker
Faction/Rank: Free League
Place of Birth: Sigil, Market Ward
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 258 lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Complexion: dusky yellow skin
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Batlike wings, fiendish tail and horns
Navigation, Leadership, "cross-trade" skills such as lockpicking and trap removal
Equipment and Items
Various toolkits, magical bags, weapons and suits of armor, along with many, many dresses

A very resourceful and lucky person, Karala is a survivor - she always seems to live to fight another day. Thus far, she's survived across the Planes and managed to establish a profitable career as a tout. Part of that is thanks to these two talents of hers: Being a quick learner and remaining useful through a variety of skills that she picked up in her lifetime.

Karala came into the cross-trade business years ago, working as a rookie at first - selling lockpicks, trap kits, and other tools. She became well connected to the underground market thanks to her time spent employed under criminal gangs in Sigil. She's also worked for other traders and fences, establishing a reputation as an indispensable agent who could be trusted with truly sensitive missions. Eventually, she joined the Free League and had a change of occupation, assembling her own list of contacts outside of the criminal gangs in order to begin her own business as a tout, and in the future, as someone who is capable of acquiring certain items of interest for wealthy clients.


Karala is the daughter of Astrin Valdor, a human paladin and Althyssa, a tiefling sorceress. The two of them were planeswalkers who were once famous for their exploits as Guardians, working in tandem with many others in covert operations against any Baatezu and Tanar'ri who had set their sights on the rest of the Multiverse instead of the Blood War. When the both of them realized that they couldn't keep their lifestyle as Guardians with a child on the way, they quietly retired to raise their daughter in a quiet village in the Outlands. Soon after she was born however, something happened between the loving couple that caused them to go their separate ways, leaving only the paladin to raise his daughter all on his own. Begrudgingly, he moved into a house in the Cage where he worked as a laborer in the Market Ward, scrounging up the jink to provide for himself and Karala.


Karala had an odd childhood, being the Lowerblooded daughter of a man with the unmistakable aura of a paladin. She was often the target of street bullies who believed that she was adopted out of pity, causing her to become introverted in her early years. Her father did his best to give her an education at home, sometimes requesting the aid of a few factions such as the Athar and even the Godsmen to help him educate his daughter with books and chores. Despite her upbringing, her father did the best he could to raise his tiefling daughter. Over time, the tiefling outgrew her old childhood habits and began to push herself to become more social in her teenage years, albeit with great difficulty.


Many years later, Karala had grown to resemble her mother, sporting a pair of leathery bat wings and a fiendish tail. Once she came of age, Astrin took it upon himself to begin teaching her how to defend herself and with the help of a few old friends amongst the Believers, secured a little training spot at an open field in the Great Foundry to train in the art of swordsmanship. After many, many failures and lessons learned, Karala eventually developed her fighting skills and favored the greatsword for its heavy weight and majestic reach.

Once she was capable of fighting, she began to look for work to help her aging father. Astrin had become a middle-aged man by the time she was in her early twenties and this gave her cause for concern towards his well-being. Even if he was a paladin who was still blessed from his status as an oathbearer, she couldn't help but wonder if even someone as righteous as a paladin couldn't escape the ravages of time. Unknown to her father, she looked towards conducting shady business as a means to help provide for him and began a questionable career as a ruffian for a local gang of thugs.

Karala spent nearly a decade as a rogue under her father's nose, bringing in extra wealth to the household alongside her father's occupation as a laborer. Eventually, his body began to fail him and he had to retire, leaving his daughter to become the sole source of income for the two of them. There were times where he asked how she obtained such large sums of jink and every time, she did her best to spin a web of white lies to keep him happy. However, tragedy soon struck the family as Astrin's mind began to fail him as well, causing episodes of insanity and depression until eventually, the Harmonium "miraculously" stepped in and brought him to the Gatehouse for "his own good".

Such an act caused Karala to develop a neverending grudge towards the faction, knowing that they didn't even give her a chance to find someone who could help his mental state before giving him away to the Bleak Cabal. To this day, she continues to look for a healer who is capable of discovering what might've caused her father to go insane.


Due to her career as a tout and her status as an Indep, Karala has a cordial relationship with most of the factions (save for the Harmonium) and various planewalkers across the Multiverse.

Amongst those with particular importance:

  • Amos - A particularly handsome man with fiendish features, Amos had grown to become Karala's closest partner-in-crime. There's chant that says the two of them are even closer than that, but you'll only know the dark of such a thing by asking one of them yourself.
  • Rosaline Astair - Rosaline had become a valuable ally in ensuring the prosperity and safety of the Market Ward against the Harmonium. The two of them often work together as liaisons between their respective factions and Karala hopes to continue such a relationship for years to come.
  • Eglath Thuliaga - A towering goliath who was one of the first Clueless she had met. He was the first of his kind that she had seen and ever since she aided him in his path towards completing his trials, the two of them had become good friends.
  • Ralkin - Another one of the Fated who is affiliated with Rosaline, Ralkin had become a good acquaintance to the tiefling over a series of adventures together. She sometimes consults the kenku for advice and tips on cross-trade business if she has need of an expert's knowledge.
  • Vallin E'len - One of Karala's less friendly acquaintances, Vallin was often known as an unscrupulous man with an infamous reputation amongst planeswalkers. For the most part, she brushed him off as someone who was ultimately not a threat but after recent events at the Market Ward, she has begun to keep a close eye on him to ensure he stays that way. Recently however, he seems to be reconciling with people that he's offended in the past and this has helped him to better her disposition towards him.
  • Aoife Pyremane - The latest of Karala's friends, this azerblooded dwarf has proven to be a capable companion towards a mutual business relationship. The two of them are currently working together towards a certain project and the tiefling hopes it'll help her become famous amongst the more popular figures of the Cage and beyond.