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Male Kenku
Player: Celticman
General Information
Full Name: Ralkin Swiftfeather
Nicknames: Swift
Age: 21
Deity: N/A
Occupation: Taxidermist, tax/debt collector, license commissioner
Faction/Rank: The Fated
Place of Birth: The Outlands, Bedlam
Physical Attributes
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 75lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black(feathers)
Complexion: Feathered
Physical Build: Avian
Physical Features: Bird-like
Stealth, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Property Extraction, Extortion, Subterfuge, Lock-Smithing
Equipment and Items
He is often seen with a black longbow with silver engravings along the wood that resemble feathers.

Physical Appearance

Ralkin, the kenku, embodies the striking resemblance of a crow with his distinctive features. His powerful talons grace the ends of both his arms and legs, while a broad beak crowns his visage. Despite his inability to take to the skies, his form is adorned in iridescent black feathers that cloak his body. Every aspect, from his skin and talons to his beak and eyes, is adorned in a matching hue, creating a captivating unity. Setting himself apart from his fellow kenku, who often share indistinguishable appearances, Ralkin adorns his beak with subtle yet intricate grey swirls, serving as his unique mark. With eyes positioned slightly towards the rear and sides of his head, he possesses the gift of binocular vision, providing a panoramic scope beyond that of typical humanoids.


Ralkin carries with him a black longbow with silver feathers etched into its surface and a quiver of black fletched arrows. Hidden under his belt and tucked into pockets in his robes are various daggers that he can access with the swiftest of ease. Sheathed across his back are two short swords.

Personality (Traits, Interests and Goals)

Ralkin prefers to spend most of his time around others, even if they're unaware of him. He prefers to listen to what others say rather than speaking himself. This often makes him seem like a loner, but he simply believes one should listen more than they speak. Otherwise they might miss something important. He covets what others have and is not above stealing or robbing someone to get what he has his eye on.


  • Paranoid
  • Greedy
  • Obsessive-Compulsive

Background Information

(This information is strictly OOC and is not common knowledge)

Ralkin was born into a family who have for a few generations dealt with House Shil'Vel, a dark elf household located within Bedlam in the Citadel district. Ralkin's family and murder-clan has always been upon the rooftops of the Midtown area. Ralkin's particular nest is located on the rooftop of Weylund's Inn on Barrikin Lane. For most of his young life he and his two brothers; Surkil and Renkil were raised and trained by their parents; Irtilk and Kariin. They taught their children the art of stealth, thievery and subterfuge. Eventually Ralkin left his parent's roost and struck out on his own. He has been working with a group of thugs in the Sarex as a sneak to help them break into buildings and sneak past guards.

Hometown/Region: Bedlam

House Shil'Vel

(Information not available yet.)