Cay'Norn Kaeless

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Cay'Norn Kaeless
Male Drow
Player: Darien
General Information
Full Name: Cay'Norn Kynrith
Nicknames: Cay, Grumpy, Caywolf
Age: Around 600 winters
Deity: Trithereon
Occupation: Patriarch of House Mo'Ajar
Faction/Rank: None
Place of Birth: The City of Kaeless Ssetharr, a drow city underneath Zhentil Keep, Toril
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 84 kg
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Lean and muscular (the elven version of muscular)
Physical Features: The skin of his left arm is darker than the rest of his skin, a scar crosses his left eye (though the eye is intact, his right arm is covered in red dragonscales and ends in a claw instead of a hand
Decent swordsman, somewhat experienced in planes lore, sarcastic
Equipment and Items
Cay'Norn usually wears a dark chain shirt, reinforced with metal plates. Some of these are covered by grey pieces of cloth. If the wind catches these, a broken arrow over a teardrop (holy symbol of Shevarash) can be seen edged into the plates. At his belt is an earthern bottle and three katanas (two at his right side and one on the left side. One katana on his right side sports the unholy symbol of Nerull the Reaper) in addition to a variety of many bags. A light crossbow is strapped to his right leg.

White, long strands of hair, tied into several braids to prevent them from falling into his face crown the head of this drow male. While Cay’Norn can be polite, he usually prefers not to be. After many, many years on the surface and travelling the Planes, sunlight ceased to be a serious problem to him. Still, a black hood hides the upper half of his face most of the time.

Personality Traits

Cay’Norn can be a rather moody person. His moods change quickly and range from being almost silly at times (rarely), to highly insulting and quick to anger to almost friendly and helpful. Despite his past, he rarely succumbs to cruelty these days and prefers to be verbally abusive to the people he dislikes. He is very careful on whom he calls “friend”, but those he considers close, he defends and trusts completely. Unusually loyal for a drow, he seems to be a bit too defensive of his friends. Cay’Norn seems to act, in his own way, honorably. Lying to others isn’t part of his being. Even though he fights most things without any sign of fear, he still seems reluctant to fight arachnids of any kind and he will avoid combat against followers of Lloth as long as none of those dear to him aren’t in any danger from them. Cay’Norn seems to enjoy a good talk, as long as he isn’t insulted and the conversation intrigues him at least a tiny bit. Like many other drow, his curiosity and good mood can change drastically from one moment to the other. Unlike many other drow, he doesn’t seem to be too much of a racist, as he is seen with all kinds of creatures, ranging from elves, over humans and tieflings to aasimar or fiends.


Born and raised in the drow city of Kaeless Ssetharr, a medium sized city under the human city of Zhentil Keep on the world of Toril, Cay’Norn learned to follow the edicts and orders of the priestesses of the Spider Queen early on. Being the only son of the fourth daughter of the House and an exiled son of a lesser House, he was taught as soon as he could comprehend it, that the only way to survive and prosper in this society would be through utter obedience to the clergy. Cay grew up bowing, following every whim of the clergy of Lloth, suffering not a single strike of the dreaded snake whips of the other daughters of the House. Around the birthday that marked his first century of life, his mother got news about his father’s whereabouts. By now he was in love with some gold elven bitch in some upperworld hamlet, and they even had a daughter! His mother, who had so far managed to deny her feelings for his father finally became aware of the lies she told herself all these years and started to contact him again magically. Cay’Norn who adored and loved his mother more than ANY son should, was furious and angry beyond rage with jealousy. His mother had cared more for him than any drow mother would, and suddenly, her love seemed to be shallow, compared to what she felt for his father. An mere exile who denied the Spider Queen and a traitor to their race. His mother didn’t share his feelings of anger and hate, unfortunately, quite the contrary. One day, things happened too fast for young Cay’Norn to understand or act. Li’Neerlay, his mother, had locked him into her spellcasting chamber because her sisters had send for her and she suspected foul play. Rumors had it, that the Matron knew of her renewed connections to the renegade. House Maen’Sseth, his fathers House, had offered an alliance in exchange for the head of their wayward son. As she entered the chapel of the House, she was surrounded by guards and her own siblings and taken into custody. She was supposed to lure Cayleb, Cay’Norn’s father to House Kynrith, where the guards would spring their trap. But instead of asking him to come to the city to speak one last time with her, Li’Neerlay warned him of the trap. House Kynrith killed her on the spot, offering her soul to Lloth for interferring with their plans to capture a heretic to the Spider Queen. Without his mother to hold him back, the grief-stricken Cay’Norn turned to the only one he could blame for his mother’s death who wasn’t a follower of Lloth and whom he hated anyway: His father. Cay’Norn entered a pact with Lloth, via his grandmother the matron. He was allowed to go to the surface, to kill his father, in exchange for one surfacer soul for each month he spent up there. Unbeknownst to him, Lloth wove a web of spells over him to make sure that each soul he sacrificed to her would be linked to him. They would accompany him in the Border Ethereal and they would be able to talk and shout to him when he’s asleep. Should his mind ever stop resisting the constant shouting and wailing, they’d be able to hurt him even. It serves as a little reminder to hurry on his mission and that his Queen is with him. Always. To top this, She made sure that the souls cannot be freed without destroying the first soul that was bound to him, his own mother. After many years, the soul of his mother was destroyed by two dear friends of Cay'Norn. The souls he sacrificed to Lloth were freed by this and Cay’Norn no longer suffered from the voices of the dead.


Even though only a selected few people are considered “friends” by Cay’Norn, he seems to be on good terms with quiet a number of people. Among his closest friends are Aerenxa Therenwanya, rumors speak of something in their past which was maybe more than a friendship, and Alea, the elven priestess of Selûne who was in a relationship with him for quite some time until Cay’s relationship to some other people around Ironridge (Maya of House Mo'Ajar amongst them) and his behavior towards people in general pushed her to break up the relationship. As much as some people know, he suffered a lot from that breakup. Unusually so for a drow, especially a drow with the reputation of being a cruel, impolite and vengeful man. A year or two after Alea left him, Cay’Norn slowly got closer to someone again. A woman who, until then been only a loose ally to him, [[Visenya Theras[[. But his fickle nature and many self doubts led him to leave the Ladydragon, as he called her. Shika Mitsu is known to call Cay’Norn her elder brother, and so far he hasn’t objected. Even though he sometimes seem to be rather harsh to her, he sees her as some sort of family in the planes, and as such she deserves to be told the truth and his true opinion about matters. Marcyon, Shalira, Nautilus were some of the people in Ironridge he would count towards his closer allies in town, even if the latter is somewhat of a mystery to Cay. Of these three, only Shalira is still part of the drow’s life, as the others moved on and vanished from the Planes. Rika the kobold on the other hand seems to have a strangely calming influence on the drow, sometimes even lifting his sour mood. Be it because these two know each other rather well for so long or because they went through a lot together, they seem to be a strange duo. La'feil Tael'bierledez has been a longtime close ally to Cay’Norn, perhaps even a friend; even though its unknown if that is still the case. Vlos, the Dark Knight, was seen near Cay’Norn often in the past as well, even though their odd relationship (Some people speak of Cay’Norn beating the Sun Elf repeatedly in the streets) waxed and waned like the moon on a Prime every now and then. It is no secret that Cay’Norn dislikes Grettir, the jolly priest of Selûne a lot. Even though Grettir serves the same goddess as his former lover, something in him seems to lead Cay from insult to insult when the topic gets to Grettir. Aria Black has been Cay'Norn's lover for many, many years. While these two fought often and argued loudly, they just seem to stick together regardless of whatever comes their way. At least until he vanished and returned only years later from a Prime where time passed more quickly. Nobody knows what happened there but it seems that both Aria and he moved on with their lives. Alinda Lasaedra Veles is another ally of Cay'Norn. While she's a paladin, and Cay'Norn seems to dislike these a lot, they seem to get along quite alright. A few citizens of the Cage actually speak about the drow actually laughing in Alinda’s company. Serina Daeth has been a woman who has been ridiculed and insulted by Cay’Norn again and again. In the many years they know each other, their relationship gradually shifted, though. While they still aren’t best friends, Cay seemingly accepts Serina grudgingly. At times they even seem to be almost friendly. While he dislikes a lot of people, there are only two person ever, he really hated. One of these is the dark elf Lurormand. The hatred bases on various situations and events that added up to something that even the usually dispassionate Cay’Norn could call hate. The other one is Aria's biological father, Calabask Black. Calabask and Cay'Norn clashed so often and for various reasons, sometimes leading to open battles between the two men. At one point Cay'Norn bluntly stated that he prefers Lolth the Spider Queen over Calabask.

Known Goals

While Cay’Norn’s main goals are to protect those he cares for, he is also always searching for some challenge for his fighting skills. Even though he vehemently denies it, Cay’Norn enjoyed being asked for his advice in all things military like on the day Ironridge was liberated by the army of adventurers and Browncoats, where he and Nautilus served as generals of the army. In the past years, Cay’Norn actually enjoyed teaching a selected few people the way of the Sword. Unfortunately, his students either dissapointed him by betraying him or left the Planes, never to return. Further goals (mostly unknown) include honing his fighting skills to perfection, staying away from Lolth and her anger, and finding new recruits for House Mo'Ajar.

Known Achievements

- Defended Ironridge in several large-scale assaults on the city by silver werewolves, fire giants, the A-6 and the occasional battles during the Sigil crisis.

- Played an essential part in the healing of an affliction of one of his friends from the curse of Nerull

- Helped recover his sister-by-choice Shika Mitsu after she got kidnapped by a mad mage

- Lend a hand in gathering intelligence in the Ironridge Rigus war

- Defended Ironridge against an outbreak of the Blood War close to Ironridge's gates, fighting against Balors, Mariliths, Pit Fiends and even an Abyssal

- Was involved in the freeing of Alinda Lasaedra Veles, who was imprisoned in a longsword

- Helped a bit in obtaining the blade that is able to burst the chains of the Mists

- He established a House of drow renegades which sells protection, the removal of unwanted individuals and information

- Took part in freeing his lover from a deific worm that threatened to devour the Multiverse

Recent Developments

After many years of absence, Cay’Norn seemingly has returned to Sigil and the Planes. Those few that still know him noticed a certain calm that hasn’t been part of his personality before.


- Secretly, he still serves Lolth as an assassin, removing unfaithful drow throughout the Multiverse

- He has a child with his supposed "sister" Shika

- He is often seen in the company of beautiful women. The nature of his relationship with these is uncertain.

- He was beaten by Alexandr Krupkin in a duel and ever since he trains hard to beat him right back

- Some warehouse in the Hive ward is secretly owned by Cay'Norn. There, he runs an illegal slave trade.

- Some people believe they saw Cay'Norn teaching swordplay at the school of Shen Shou Zeng