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Pantheon: Halfling
AoC: Stealth, thievery,
Symbol: Halfling's footprints
Alignment: N
Worshiper Alignment: N, NG, NE, CN, LN
Home P/L/R: wanders
Know Proxies: Elenai the Dim, Halfling female; Adnias Feltfoot, halfling male, Free League

The power of thievery and trickery, Brandobaris figures that life's there to be explored, and so is a favorite among the (small) adventuring class of halflings. It's little wonder that he's usually portrayed as a young cutter, one who hasn't yet learned the true ways of living. Still, he's loved for his mischievous ways, his revelling and joking, and his ability to escape from any scrape, no matter how dangerous.

Although he's good friends with both Garl Glittergold and Baervan Windwanderer, Brandobaris doesn't have a realm in the Golden Hills, or anywhere else for that matter. He usually spends time wandering through other powers' realms, halfling or not, seeing what he can see. It's said that he occasionally seeks out mortals for adventure.