Halfling Pantheon

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The comforts of hearth and home, a soft bed, and the company of good friends; freedom from fear and need; the kindness of a word and the generosity of strangers - these are all held dear by the halflings, called the "little folk" by some. Is it any wonder, then, that their powers exemplify these qualities, promoting stability, safety, and concern for all halflings above all else?

Most of the creation myths of the halflings are unique among the races of the multiverse. That's because they tell of how they were a people without a god until Yondalla found them and taught them better methods of survival. Myths of other races usually tell of how the gods created the mortals, or the people created the gods; very, very few legends suggest that each grew without the influence of the other. Of all the races known on the planes, only the halflings claim that they and their deities are together by mutual agreement, that the powers have as much obligation to the mortals as the mortals do to the powers.

While the hin gods are still one of the smallest groups across the planes, they're also one of the largest. See, only a few divine names are known to all halflings, but the residents of each burg place great importance on the local powers, the ones nearest to hearth and home. The halflings just don't feel a need to surround themselves with too many shared gods.

Truth to tell, the little folk have bucketloads of powers - known as the "thousand small gods" - who aren't really more than spirits, if they're even that. These so-called powers are usually in charge of the minor aspects of life, such as the successful repair of a door or chair, or the perfection of a well-cooked roast. These ain't matters that a regular deity'd like to be bothered with, and that's why the halflings venerate the local spirits, rather than the vast powers of the race.

The halfling pantheon's got none of the rivalries a body might expect. It holds no great powers of evil; the halflings look to other races for that. Indeed, the gods tend to work together, sharing portfolios and interests in order to present a unified front. That is, after all, the only way to get the "big folk" to take them seriously.

Some leatherheads sneer that the halflings are small because they dream small. That's a load of bunk. Just because most halfling cutters don't appreciate the "joys" of adventuring, preferring to stay at home and nurture their race, doesn't mean they've got no ambition. The halflings have as much spirit and spunk as any of the other races, and it'll rise to the surface when they're provoked.

The Halfling Powers

Arvoreen Protection, war, vigilance
Brandobaris Stealth, thievery, adventuring
Cyrrollalee Friendship, trust, home
Sheela Peryroyl Nature, agriculture, weather
Urogalan Earth, death
Yondalla Protection, fertility