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"The Opener of the Way"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Artists, craftsmen,
Symbol: Mummified Hand
Home P/L/R: Ethereal/Wanders

Chant is Ptah predates even Ra, but he supposedly stepped down for the more vital, active power. It's well known that Ptah wanders the Ethereal now, and that he's even approachable by mortals. But a body'd best tread carefully around him - the power seems to feed off the Ethereal, and he can send a berk literally anywhere in the planes. A tiefling who claims to have suffered from this relocation says that Ptah can even drop a body in another god's realm without that power's permission. (Then again, folks know how trustworthy tieflings are.)

Obviously, Ptah's a popular name to invoke among Ethereal and inner-planar travellers. But as he's the source of inspiration and creativity, lovers of art and beauty call upon Ptah as well.