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"Pharaoh of the Gods"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Sun, kings
Symbol: Ankh on solar disc
Home P/L/R: Arcadia/Buxenus/
Heliopolis (Thek-

Ra is the power of powers in this pantheon, the blood all the others look to for guidance. As the carrier of the sun and the giver of life to the world, he is the supreme force of existence for the Egyptian powers, and they won't challenge him if they can help it.

Ra's home on Arcadia is the First Realm of Heliopolis, a place of blistering light and bright sand, where the sun shines as long as Ra guides his barque Manjet, across the sky. At night, the light fades, the temperature drops dramatically, and the creatures of the desert stir across the land. Lions, scorpions, and serpents prowl the sands, foraging for prey and seeking respite before the sun returns once more. Though Ra is a lawful god, he also demands attention to the natural world, and woe to any berk who forgets the dangers of the desert. 'Course, folks can always find some slight refuge in the tent-filled city of Thekele-re.

Chant is that the serpent Apophis (also called Apep) is beginning to rear its head again. This creature of myth used to assail Manjet in an effort to destroy the sun and return the Egyptians to chaos. The pantheon drove the serpent off eventually, but the stirrings in the desert beneath Heliopolis seem to show that it's not dead yet.