Order of the Planes-Militant

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The Order is Light & Hope for All that is Good

--Indigo the Stutterer

Also known as:

The Children of Heaven, The Brethren, The Faithful, The OPM, Opium

Sectol: Prefect Increase VII

Home Field: Mount Celestia

HQ: First Monastery of the Planes-Militant, Solania, Mt. Celestia, and Excelsior, Gate-Town to Mt. Celestia

Allies: Loosely, Fraternity of Order, Harmonium, Guardians, Society of Sensation

Enemies: Doomguard, Athar, Fated

OOC Foreword: This sect requires an application.

The Order of the Planes-Militant or "OPM" is a Sect primarily for Lawful Good characters, representing literal and figurative Heaven - Mt. Celestia.

The ways of the Order are oriented around pure virtues and Sacred Vows. They act as a sort of spiritual-moral contrast to the Harmonium, who are more focused on public Law & Order. Mt. Celestia's tenets center on spiritual orderliness of the self, achieving ones own potential for purity and virtue.

This Sect does not participate in the government of Sigil, and sees politics as way of tolerating Evil. Politics have a tendency to accommodate sin, in the way that a Yugoloth or Tanar'ri might be accepted into Leadership of a Faction. This kind of acquiescence toward Evil is not copacetic in the Sect.

In their initiatives outside of Mt. Celestia, The OPM are quite militant. Their methods are typically preaching, restraining, and converting their adversaries - anyone who threatens the territories of Lawful Good on nearby planes and in the Outlands.

The Sect has been successful converting strands of Arcadia and Bytopia over to Mt. Celestia, adding to the landscape of the Righteous Plane.

The ideologies of Paladins fit very well with the Order of the Planes-Militant. Most Paladins who live their lives within their codes and edicts, move on to Mt. Celestia as the reward for their life of sacrifice.

As militant as their name, the Order of the Planes-Militant vows defend the sacred plane of Mount Celestia at all costs. They believe the seduction of evil, chaos, doubt, avarice, and evil are forever striving to undermine what is right and good and pure. The Brethren actively seek to destroy evil wherever it may be hidden. Since its founding, the Order has greatly expanded its holding by bringing over land from the Outlands. Members can be found on Arcadia and Bytopia, proclaiming their beliefs and seeking converts from the native populations. The Order also regularly raids the Lower Planes and smashes chaos and evil in the relatively neutral territories of Mechanus and Acheron.

The Brethren are loosely allied with the Hardheads and the Guvners. They work tirelessly to expose the false beliefs of the Fated, the Doomguard, and the Athar.

Lately, active recruitment on Bytopia has led to some trouble with the natives; some Bytopians complain that the Order has overstepped its bounds and is threatening all who do not subscribe to its ideals.