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Members of the Guardians watch over the planes for evils that need to be stopped for the good of all. They protect those of virtuous hearts from the ravages of evil. They don't force their views upon anyone, defending the defenseless when others' views are imposed upon the weak. As watchers, they don't meddle unnecessarily, intervening only when there is evil to be vanquished. Their tenets are to live a peaceful life and not attract unwanted attention to themselves until some evil arises - then to band together and wipe out the threat once and for all.

Originally inspired by the guardinals' ideals, the sect's organization mirrors guardinal society. Though it's based primarily in Elysium, the sect has members and agents throughout the Outer Ring, Sigil, and the prime-material worlds.

The Guardians consist of humans, aasimar, bariaur, a few aasimon, a couple of baku, moon dogs, a herd of buraqs and several Guardinals.

With their hands-off attitude, the Guardians get along well with the majority of the factions. The notable exceptions are the Doomguard, the Bleakers, and the Harmonium, whose entropic or unyielding philosophies clash with the Guardians' ideals.