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"The Long Hand"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Arts, crafts, travel,
commerce, horses,
Symbol: Eight-pointed star
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (wanders)

Like his brother Diancecht, Lugh travels constantly, seeking new knowledge and new experiences. Here's the dark of it: Lugh looks for excellence and finds it in everything he does. Some of his faithful claim that when he finally finds an action he can't perform, he'll settle down.

Still, not all of his skills rival those of other high-ups. He engages in arts, commerce, and travel fairly regularly, and while not above a little bobbing and peeling, he's already proven that the cross-trade holds no secrets from him. Lugh wants more, so he keeps moving. He's known to be a great wooer of the ladies, finding love even in scrapes (though he's sometimes marked as a companion to Rosmerta, an otherwise unknown goddess of wealth).

Fact is, Lugh spends hardly any time at all in Tir na Og, having explored it to his heart's content long ago. He returns only when he wants the company of his fellow Celts; when he visits, his case is the home of whatever goddess will take him in for the night.

Lugh's constant traveling companion is a cutter he calls Samholdanach, a wild mage who, chant is, teaches Lugh something of the order behind the chaos of magic. 'Course, this is probably only so much barmy talk; why would a god need to learn anything from a mortal? In any case, Samholdanach has been granted the power of a radiant face. When he wishes it, his face emits such terrible beauty that no mortals can look upon it without being blinded.

Lugh used to have another well-known proxy; an androgynous cutter named Ice. But the tiefling was dismissed for falling down on the job. Lugh won't provide any details on the circumstances of Ice's failure, and his priests always change the subject whenever the tiefling's name comes up.