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"Physician of the Gods"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Medicine, healing
Symbol: Leaf
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (wanders)

Diancecht the healer is, some might say, a bit barmy. He's devoted his life to medicine, and he travels throughout Tir na Og (and the rest of the Outer Planes) to practice his craft. He can't even fight without healing his enemies afterward. 'Course, berks who try to put him in the dead-book find that just because he believes in healing doesn't mean he can't swing a staff with the best of 'em. Diancecht won't hesitate to defend himself.

Good thing, too - he's obsessed with being the best healer in the multiverse, and it gets him into bitter disputes with other powers, most notably Apollo, Mishakal of Krynn, and Pelor of Oerth. Fact is, Diancecht even slew his own son Miach in a fit of jealousy, afraid the boy would grow to be a better healer than his father. Still, Diancecht seeks only the best for the greatest number, and he'll put himself in severe danger to bring life to others.

Sadly, Diancecht and Arawn don't always see eye to eye on what makes a body dead, and they've nurtured a rivalry over the millennia. Diancecht can't bring a Celtic follower back from the dead without Arawn's permission, but he can snatch back a sod who hasn't yet completed the journey to Arawn.

Because he constantly travels Tir na Og and other lands, Diancecht has no realm of his own. he draws strength by bringing life to others. He also doesn't infuse his proxies with any special energies or abilities, which means that few bloods want to serve him. However, Diancecht's son Cian works for his father's interests anyway.