Krynnish Pantheon

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Of all the known gods of the cosmos, the pantheon of Krynn is one of the few that's organized along strict and obvious lines, and lines of comparable strength at that. Following the multiversal Rule of Threes, the powers of Krynn break into three camps: good, evil, and neutrality. Each group's overseen by a single greater deity - Paladine, Takhisis, and Gilean - and, in turn, the entire pantheon falls under the watchful eye of the High God, the over-power of Krynn.

Chant is the overpower's the one who called the three greater deities from beyond and set them about the task of creating the world (including all the other gods) out of the primal force of chaos. Afterward, the trio's said to have trapped the remaining swirls of chaos in an item known as the Graygem.

That's just one version of Krynn's creation myths, but it serves. The three sets of powers have struggled over the face of the world for ages since, each seeking victory in the battle for control of the hearts and minds of the people (not to mention physical control of Krynn itself). Each time, the forces of evil grow stronger, yet each time the powers of good and neutrality stop the wicked ones from gaining dominance.

Arrogantly assuming that their people need divine intervention, the gods have taken part in several mortal wars, each time coming closer and closer to destroying the world. Truth is, it's mainly the powers of evil that make such assumptions, often breaking whatever truces were established after their last disastrous incursion.

Recently, however, the powers have abandoned their responsibilities on Krynn, leaving the mortals to find their own fate. The gods moved on to the planes, taking a gamble that they'd be accepted fully by the powers already there. That's not an uncommon move for deities who've suffered under despotic overpowers, but it's a big risk - more pantheons've died that way than most powers'd care to admit.

Fortunately, the cutters left behind on Krynn still have faith. Though they can no longer count on the direct intervention of their powers, folks still believe that the gods are out there, somewhere, and they pray for their return. What's more, many of the deities left agents behind to help guide the sods in times of great trouble. But the natives of Krynn are a people of steady courage and steadfast lives, no matter what their culture, and they're tough as nails in all the ways that count.

The Krynnish Powers

High God Energy, truth, justice, chance

Krynnish Powers of Good

Paladine Order, hope, light, rulership, guardianship
Branchala Music, forests, beauty
Habbakuk Animals, sea, creation
Kiri-Jolith Battle, courage, heroism
Makere Thought, faith, control
Mishakal Healing, beauty, knowledge
Solinari Good magic

Krynnish Powers of Neutrality

Gilean Knowledge
Chislev Nature, animals
Lunitari Neutral magic, illusion
Reorx Dwarves, smithing
Shinare Wealth, freedom, commerce
Sirrion Flame, change
Zivilyn Wisdom

Krynnish Powers of Evil

Takhisis Night, evil, hatred
Chemosh Undead
Hiddukel Greed, betrayal
Morgion Disease, decay, weakness
Nuitari Black magic
Sargonnas Vengeance, fire, intrigue, rage
Zeboim Seas, storms, jealousy