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"The Void"
Pantheon: Krynnish
AoC: Knowledge
Symbol: Open Book
Home P/L/R: Outlands/The
Hidden Vale

It's no dark that the powers of neutrality are just that: neutral. They choose no sides in the eons-old struggle of good and evil; they simply exist. On the other hand, many seek to maintain a balance between the extremes, holding that the only true worth comes from the even distribution of both. After all, without good there'd be no evil, and without chaos there'd be no law. It takes a bit of all sides for a body to appreciate existence, and the gods of neutrality see to it that one force doesn't dominate.

The greater power Gilean watches over the rest of the deities of neutrality. He allows them the freedom to do as they please, so long as they don't meddle with the balance.

Chant is that Gilean was a mortal once, a scribe so scrupulous that he never made a single error, and so the High God took him to the beginning of time and made him the keeper of the eldritch tome. This book, said to contain the secret name of every creature, had the whole of history - from start to finish - hidden in its pages, and thus Gilean became a god.

Others say that story's barmy, that mortals aren't capable of that kind of flawless perfection. But whatever a body takes for his myths, it's all the same in the end: Gilean is what he is today. He's said to love information for its own sake, and that's why he's truly neutral - knowledge is knowledge, whether it sprang from good or from evil. He views it as an end in itself, not as a tool for those who'd twist it to their will, and he encourages the pursuit of knowledge above all things.