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"The Arbiter"
Pantheon: Chinese
AoC: Diplomacy, protect-
ion, fortune-telling
Symbol: Black-winged
Home P/L/R: Elysium/Amoria/

Though he's often called a god of war, Kuan-ti is more truly a power for peace. His real love is for diplomacy, for the carefully worded deals that bring the greatest happiness to each side of a disagreement. It's only when two sides can't reach a compromise (a sad day, in his eyes) that he becomes a war god - and even then, he judges which side is more worthy to win.

Chant is Kuan-ti's set his sights on resolving the Blood War, that he's working to make the baatezu and tanar'ri cease their fighting and come to a mutually profitable agreement - and, naturally, he's trying to keep the fiends from sacking the Upper Planes once it's done. If he could manage this, his fame would spread far and wide; it might even win him a promotion.

Kuan-ti's realm on Elysium is called Valorhome. A serene air pervades the tree-lined streets, the pattern of which is laid out in a cunning mosaic in the center of the realm. Any disagreements here must be talked out; it's physically impossible for a body to draw a weapon or strike out in anger here.