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"Lion’s Friend"
Pantheon: Sumerian
AoC: Nature
Symbol: Iris
Alignment: N
Home P/L/R: Elysium/
Eronia/[[The Great Mountain of the East]
Aliases: None
Know Proxies: Unknown

Ki, the power of nature, also maintains the relationships between the Sumerian powers and the other powers of earth such as Silvanus, Pan, and Mielikki. She's won over valuable allies for the pantheon this way. And with the death of Enki, Ki's slowly taking on the responsibilities of river and water, but her very nature (so to speak) inclines her more toward the friendship of animals.

Ki's the most barbaric deity of the pantheon. She doesn't hold with the mortal civilizations - at least, not at the expense of nature - but she goes along with her fellows to keep the peace. Still, she welcomes those who reject the trappings of buildings and society, and she teaches them the ways of the soil and the vine.