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"Mother Sky"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Sky, domestic life,
Symbol: Spinning wheel
Alignment: LN
Worshiper Alignment: LN, LG, LE
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/
Know Proxies: GReta Elfanir, Half-Elf Female

Frigga, wife of Odin, is also the mother of four of his children: Baldur, Hoder, Hermod, and Tyr. All four have done her proud. Still, she's more concerned with the lot of her mortal worshippers, and she does what she can to keep women (especially wives) from suffering under the tyranny of small-minded men. She's even gone to war against her husband, leading an army of women disguised to look like men. That's how much Frigga cares for her charges.

Though she shares Odin's halls, she also has one of her own. It's called Fensalir, and it's hidden high in the mountains of Asgard, as suits a power of air. The hall is clean and well organized, with a place for everything, no matter how incongruous it may seem. Fensalir is less violent and less populated than the other halls of Asgard, but that's how Frigga wants it. Her petitioners are fewer, and like those of Vanaheim, care more for contemplation than violent action.

Her main proxy is Greta Elfanir, a woman with a voice that's bitter and sweet at the same time. Greta's been married thrice, and each time her husband died brutally at the hands of a jealous troll. But the monster stays out of sight, and few believe it exists. Greta, for her part, travels around counselling women whose marriages are foundering, and it's said she can bring peace to any relationship.