Zerubbabel Sekken

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Zerubbabel Sekken
Male Garden Salad (Green Slaad)
Player: Latch
General Information
Full Name: Bartholomew Archibald Remington Fitzgerald LXIX
Nicknames: "Zerub," "Frog," "Toad," "Zarubauble"
Age: 89
Deity: Zerubbabel has never felt an inclination to worship a deity. That’s not because he harbors animus toward any of them (not even lawful ones), but rather, devotion to a power hasn’t figured its way into his personal schemes.

However, there are several slaad lords he venerates and considers authority: he reveres the enigmatic and indifferent Ssendam, fears and respects Ygorl’s power, and is amused and delighted by the behavior of Chourst.

Occupation: Professional nuisance, gastronomist
Faction/Rank: Not yet
Place of Birth: In a small cave floating in Limbo’s swirling maelstrom
Physical Attributes
Height: 10'4"
Weight: 1,234 lb
Eyes: Heterochromia iridis and iridum; complete and sectoral (in one eye); purple and violet in the right eye; green, blue, and gold in the left
Hair: He wishes he had luxuriant, flowing locks
Complexion: It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green
Physical Build: Reminiscent of a malformed ogre
Physical Features: See Appearance section
Shapeshifting, innate magic spells, fast healing
Equipment and Items
When he’s not taking the appearance of another creature, he keeps all his assorted equipment in bags of holding that hang from a thick girdle around his waist. By far, his favorite item is his Shambar club—a skull mace that can petrify others upon strike. With this, he has made many statue gardens.

The Basics

Among Us