Tir Na Og

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Tir na Og was a large and beautiful realm in the Outlands, with an expanse of meadows and oak groves that extended among hills and woods. The landscape was dotted with obelisks, cairns, and circles of standing stones, from which ancient magic often emanated. It was considered one of the largest shared realms in the Outer Planes. According to the Great Wheel cosmology, the realms of Silvanus and Oghma were located within its vast territory. Its territory neared the river Ma'at on one side and in the other direction, took a bod towards the gate town of Tradegate.

There were no large cities in Tir na Og; only villages and small settlements. The countryside also displayed single homes and farms.


Tir na Og was inhabited mainly by petitioners and former citizens of the Prime Material plane who sought a life of peace and quiet. Most of the realm's inhabitants lived outside of its settlements, roaming the hills or living among the forests. Its people revered the Celtic Pantheon.

The realm's inhabitants fiercely defended their freedom and neutrality. If visitors were caught violating any of those principles, a strong measure of defense employed by some of the powers in the realm was to unleash the Wild Hunt upon the transgressors.