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Female Elan
Player: Darien
General Information
Full Name: Spark
Nicknames: Sparky, Sparkles, Sparks, Sparkelicious
Age: Unknown
Deity: Camaxtli (more or less)
Occupation: Mind Healer, her "clinic" is in the Hive
Faction/Rank: Free League, factotum
Place of Birth: Unknown, possibly Sigil
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Around 20 kg
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Wheat blonde
Complexion: Fair to sickly pale
Physical Build: Lithe and thin, almost sickly so
Physical Features: The skin that shows through her suit every now and then seems to be very, very pale. Blue veins can be seen easily and the skin seems to be rather clammy, probably due to almost no sun ever reaching it. She's always seen padding through the Multiverse barefoot.
Telepathy, many knowledge skills, quite a good healer of bones and flesh
Equipment and Items
An evershifting, slithering suit of black tentacles or something.

This young lass is barely older than 18 winters, Her pale skin seems to make her appear a bit sickly. Her wild blonde hair is always sticking out in odd angles while her pale blue eyes are always gazing out at the world. Her soft voice seems to be always curious, always looking for more answers. Spark wears a broad grin most of the time, her good mood clashing with the hard accent of a kid that grew up in the Hive in Sigil. Seldom she is seen with a weapon, and if she is, its an not overly adorned dagger, sizzling with electricity. The thing that is most peculiar about her is her clothing. Its moving about her in swirling patterns, not unlike a nest of snakes, slithering over her body constantly. Those who know her for some years already might notice that she never aged a single day in all those years.

Personality Traits

Spark is seldom seen in a bad mood. Always grinning or making jokes, she beams at the Multiverse, and sometimes, the Multiverse beams back. Even if the situation looks rather dire, she often keeps her wits about her and doesn’t loose hope. Only if someone is troubled by something that affects her mind, the young lass gets serious and businesslike. Due to her childhood and early teeage years in Sigil, she’s awell of information on many things planar.


Of Spark’s early childhood almost nothing is known, not even to herself. What IS known is that she grew up in the Hive Ward of Sigil, living off scraps, much like most of its inhabitants in that Ward. As her psionic talent awakened, she put it to good use, giving advice to people in deals by reading the thoughts of their business partners. Some day, a wizard caught her to experiment on her powers and put her in a cage where she met Pat, the creature that was to become her suit. If Pat is a unique creature or part of an unknown race is open to speculation, fact is, that Pat gets nurishment from some sort of psionic waste, as some bashers suspect. He was slowly wasting away as Spark was chained closed to him. In order to survive, Pat attached himself to Spark, boosting her already considerable psionic talents and regaining some strength. With the additional power, Spark managed to escape and hid in the Hive Ward, where she started to earn her living as a healer of minds. Be it by using her psionic talents or by talking to the mentally ill.


Sparks most important relation is that of her and her adopted “sister” Ellathorinia. The half-bronze dragon and Spark have lived through a lot and she’s the most important person in Spark’s life, with the exception of Pat perhaps, without whom she wouldn’t be able to live anymore.

Marcyon is a dear friend to Spark, even if she teases him about being an old man. Otherwise, Spark has a lot of loose friends, and she’s one to create friendships rather quickly.

Aria Black is another long-term friend of Spark. She and Spark share a love for their mindpowers, even though Spark is rarely using them for combat.

Many years back, Spark contacted the sleeping god Camaxtli in the Astral plane (Sources indicate that Camaxtli was either killed by Orcus or an undead deity named Tenebrous). Her mind reeled from that contact and got badly damaged. After several days of coma she awoke, finding that Camaxtli sought refuge in her mind to orchestrate his resurrection. So, in extreme stress, after her death and resurrection or when she allows it, Camaxtli took control of her body, gathering former followers of the god and continued to build a big temple to resurrect him. After a couple of hard years, countless coins and a massive ritual that involved Quetzalcoatl and several former priests and followers of the deity, Camaxtli was actually resurrected as a demipower. Sparks mind is once again her own.


Camaxtli Mixcoatl, The Cloud Serpent, Father of Quetzalcoatl Greater Deity (dead) Symbol: Human figure, holding the sun Home Plane: Prime Material Plane, currently adrift in the Astral Plane Alignment: True neutral Portfolio: God of the couatl, war, fire, creation, hunt. Also sometimes referred as a deity of fate Workshippers: Couatl, Hunters, parts of the aztec civilisation, warriors Cleric Alignments: All Domains: Fire, Luck, Retribution, Sun, War Favoured Weapon: Bow

Camaxtli was reverred in many different cultures, and even though he was the father of Quetzalcoatl, he never was workshipped by as many followers as his son. Rumors suggest that he was one of the four gods that created his home world. Camaxtli was portrayed either as a human wearing a black mask over his eyes and distinctive red and white “candy-cane stripes” painted on his body. These features are shared with Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli the Lord of the Dawn, god of the morning star. Unlike Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, Camaxtli can usually be distinguished by his hunting gear, which included a bow and arrows, and a net or basket for carrying dead game.

Clerics of Camaxtli used to prepare their spells at noon, offering sacrifices of precious gems and metals to ensure the god’s good standing and luck for their days.

Quecholli, the only 20-day Aztec month, was dedicated to Camaxtli. The celebration for this month consisted of hunting and feasting in the countryside. The hunters would take the form of Camaxtli by dressing like him, kindling a new fire to roast the hunted game. Along with these practices, a man and woman would be sacrificed to Mixcoatl at his temple in some regions.

Known Goals

Sparky tries to get as much out of the Multiverse as possible. Knowledge, experiences, people…everything. She loves her “job”, even though she still asks for money to heal people’s minds. Spark wants to explore as much of the Multiverse as possible, expanding her mind and its powers and using it to satisfy her endless curiosity.

Known Achievements

- Spark played her little part in many bigger events, erasing mind barriers, helping to fight powerful undead or primordeal earth elementals or setting changed memory back on its original course.

- She helped saving Shan’s soul by putting it in a gem for a while

- Spark gained freedom from the mage that once caught her

- She freed Aria from a psionic artifact that made her devour souls

- Spark discovered a way to store memories (and souls of willing people) in King's Tear gems (by the use of a modified psion power she has)

- The young psion played a big part in the resurrection of the deity Camaxtli.

- Helped Onthea the wizard to free her friend Quincy from the dreaded DX.