Shaori of Tymora

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Female Celestial-blooded
Player: Darien
General Information
Full Name: Shaori of Tymora
Nicknames: Angelface, Angelwings, Birdbrain
Age: Unknown, rumored to be several millenia old
Deity: Tymora
Occupation: Crusader/ Healer in service of Tymora
Faction/Rank: The Guardians
Place of Birth: Brightwater
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 62 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Lithe but trained
Physical Features: Shaori features almost no scars except for a very big one across her stomach. It looks faintly similar to a scar left by greensteel weapons but is too irregular to be left by a weapon.
Soon to be added
Equipment and Items
In addition to two rapiers strapped to her belt, Shaori often carries a bow with her and at times even a greatsword on her back. At all times, Shaori wears an unadorned silver disc as a necklace around her neck.

Gentle blue eye gazing benelovent from under her black hair at her surrounding. Shaori is the calm center inside of a storm. Seldomly raising her voice, almost always wearing a soft smile. Only the prospect of her past brings a sliver of sadness into her eyes, but with it comes always a certain degree of defiance and strength to withstand anything. Lithe, yet trained of body, she is yet quick to move and when finally aroused in anger (or facing undeads) she seems transformed into someone completely different, a fighter not to be triffled with.

Personality Traits

Shaori is a mystery to most people, as one can never be sure what is going on inside of her. Often acting somewhat childish, playing pranks or spreading good humor, she can be quiet and calming as well. Some people speculate that she protected her inner child over all the years of her existance to survive the horrors of the Multiverse. Whenever she notices someone in need of help she generally is around, seeming to wait if the person or creature wants her help. At times, she acts strangely rash and without giving much thought for her actions, willingly taking great risks for herself. Usually, this only borders on being suicidal, though, it doesn’t step over the line, as her common sense and caution prevent the worst. A few of her closer friends think that she always knows what she does and that she only risks so much because of her goddess. There are some very rare times when the usual smiling or happy Shaori seems to be a bit thoughtful, even sad at times. Why or when exactly is unknown. Shaori seems to understand common quite well, even though she can’t seem to speak it, oddly.


As far as its known, Shaori was created as an astral deva millenia ago by her goddess Tyche. After serving the goddess for some hundred years and even serving Tymora after the destruction of Tyche, she somehow fell from grace and served some darker Power. Rumors speak of Shar, Beshaba or Bane. After that Power had enough of her, it dropped her, like a used puppet. According to Shaori, she is working for her atinement and redemption for about 800 years now, Most of the time being something that appeared human and had about the same “powers”. In the last century she regained her wings and some other celestial powers, though, proving that she will be restored to her deva status one day.


Shaori’s friends are many and her allies are even more numerous, but her most dear friend in the planes is Aerenxa Therenwanya. Rumors speak of her knowing Aerenxa already as she was still living in some backwater town on the Prime world of Abeir-Toril. Shaori would do anything to help or assist Aeren in any way.

Another very dear friend of hers is Kenneth Minnisette, though it is widely believed that he is dead by now. As far as the Chant goes, he, Shaori and Aeren lived through a lot on the Nelanther Islands on Abeir-Toril.

According to Shaori, she has been married seven times in the last nine centuries. 5 times to men, two times to women. A few years ago, she was often seen in the company of Naaziira Karcxi. Shaori and the tiefling woman seemed to be romantically involved in addition to being good friends.

Lilian Ero'myr used to be a somewhat distanced friend of Shaori. While she certainly didn’t like the rigid views of black and white Tyr’s church usually promotes, Shaori did get along rather well with Lilian, as long as she didn’t tried to force her views on the Multiverse upon other people which seldomly happened. Over the years the two women grew closer and nowadays Shaori considers Lilian something like a sister. Lilians disappearance is a cause of worry for Shaori, although she is absolutely certain that the woman is still alive somewhere.

Marcyon is considered her brother by both himself and by Shaori. She really likes the man and cares for him, even if she doesn’t seem to love him. Or any man or woman, for that matters. Lately she seems to be worried about him, but maybe that’s just the talk of barmies.

Being a healer and guardian of people at heart, she has a rather good connection and relationship to the elven priestesses Faerl and Alea, with the former being an old friend from the town of Nesme.

Moreg is another person of Shaori's past that she holds dear, even though the tiefling is badly allergic to Shaori's wings. Much to Shaori's amusement of course.

Strangely enough, some people saw Shaori every now and then in the company of Torin, despite rumors that the big man once nearly broke every bone in her body. But since he seems to have dissapeared from the planes, nobody seems to remember or care about this anymore.

Among the few others she had a really close relationship to, and who dissappeared over time are: The sorcerer Match and the mysterious ranger Loanal.

As her close allies are too numerous to list here, only a few are mentioned here: Nautilus, Maur, Grettir, Shalira, Grod

While she doesn’t in fact HATE any people, she held a deep and strong grudge against Calabask, why is rather unknown. The only ones who might know are Aeren and Kenneth, as they, too, hail from the Nelanther Islands, just as Calabask did.

Known Goals

Shaori’s main goal is to archive total atonement and to regain her status as an astral deva. Each and every “good” deed she does, will take her a bit closer to her final goal. Which in turn, is what frightens her most. She fears that by archieving atonement, she will loose the few human aspects that still remain within her, like sadness, joy, and even the love for a single mortal, not all of them, as most celestials feel it. Keeping her humanity and the lessons she learned during her ascend is another important goal that she strives to keep. Even though Shaori dislikes battle, she knows that she was created to fight evil and all its aspects. She will try to do so in the most diplomatic way possible first, but if undead are involved and they don’t show signs of intelligence, she is quick to destroy them if possible. As Shaori learned to be a healer more than a warrior, she fights sickness and disease wherever she can, trying to learn more and more to be better at what she does.

Known Achievements

So far, Shaori managed to regain her wings and large parts of her celestial heritage by existing for about eighthundred years as a human on various Primes. Amongst her main archievements are the discovery of various intrigues against the council of Port Errat on Abeir-Toril, being granted the title and the duty of a guardian of the Black Robed Rangers of Port Errat, playing a role in the healing of those touched by the Mists of the Domain of Dread, healing a nymph princess in the Beastlands and preventing a war by doing it and finally assisting some adventurers to lay the dark legacy of Puritas finally to rest.


- Shaori still suffers from some setback to her darker days when she’s really angry, falling back to a cruelty nobody would think she’s capable of.

- She once had an affair with Marcyon, but ended it due to his relationship with the Traveller.

- Some rumors speak of her having a romantic affair with Match, former sorcerer extraordinaire.

- She already IS an astral deva, keeping tabs on Sigil and its inhabitants.

- Some folk whisper that Shaori just doesn’t WANT to speak common, or she doesn’t to play her “innocent little woman” fascade better.