Scilla Bukir

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Scilla Bukir
Female Aasimar
Player: PulpFictionBriefcase
General Information
Full Name: Scilla Magnificent Danger Bukir
Nicknames: Angel, Witch, Bitch, 'Fucking C--t'
Age: 27
Deity: Fierna
Occupation: Drug Dealer / Planeswalker
Faction/Rank: N/A
Place of Birth: Sylvania
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 135
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Purple
Complexion: Fair, meticulously cleaned.
Physical Build: Lean
Physical Features: Celestial and Infernal tattoos, piercings, basic goth witch bitch.
Charm and dark arts
Equipment and Items
Collects staves, nothing else of note.

This small statured woman exudes confidence in every aspect, it's hard to tell if she's not just full of herself. Red eyes seem warm yet judging at the same time, framed by a resting bitch face. Jewelry scatters across long pointed ears, various hoops and studs, a few tiny occult symbols. Her left arm is covered in spiraling scars, like she went shoulder deep in the mouth of a purple worm.

Right Arm Tattoos: Celestial script and symbols swirl from her shoulder to the elbow. On her forearm, a pair of hateful eyes loom over a ranseur, encircled by a barbed tail.

Neck Tattoo: Small gold wings lie unfurled under her right ear, a line of tiny stars descend down the side of her neck.



Proud, spirited, brash, and above all impulsive. Scilla is just the right cuts of queen and commoner, with a dash of only the worst bits of a sailor.


The ideals of a warlock are usually that of selfish gain, of which Scilla is guilty, however she has a soft spot for those she truly cares for. Almost like a serial killer with animals.


She doesn't have many bonds anymore, though she's building new ones.


Scilla's flaws could probably fill up the whole page, though it all boils down to poor impulse control. Combine that with a general aloof view on existence and a love for everything dark arts, and you get a cocktail of bad ideas and better stories.