Saith Nightingale

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Female Human
Player: Lilith
General Information
Full Name: Saeiralia Nightingale
Nicknames: Saith
Age: 25
Deity: N/A
Occupation: Mercenary
Faction/Rank: Doomguard
Place of Birth: Aebrinys, Cariele, Near Riverford
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Light Amber Hazel
Hair: Burgundy red with golden blonde highlights
Complexion: Pale Ivory
Physical Build: Endomorph
Physical Features: N/A
Equipment and Items


She seems to be very quiet and a bit nervous at times. She's not one to really speak first usually going with the flow. Although, when shes more comfortable with you she seems to have an almost almost animal like quality about her. She's clearly human but having a calmer feral nature to her. It's very hard to get her to actually show anger but when it finally happens. She will hold that grudge until she either gets her hunt or bored with it...

She has a sweet tooth for honey treats made by her Mate. Much like a lover or fiance but if asked she wont agree to the word. Her past with the thought of marriage is something dark and horrible. She'd never speak of it unless it was a rare moment of trust or lapse in judgement.


A woman named Diane was a body guard to a noble man named Darios. There relationship became closer than it should one evening. They tried to keep it secret from is arranged marriage wife until one day. Diane was pregnant. Not wanting to see he harmed he sent her away for her own safety making it look as though he had sent her on a task far away. When in fact she was put up into the deep forests a fortnights horse ride away. The place was secluded and no one knew of this except when Darios' brother, Marcoffe, being denied another handout looked in his brother's nightstand seeing beautifully written letters that were senged and soot stained. Darios had tried to burn them but couldn't bring himself to loose the only connection to this woman.

Seeing this as a way to black mail his brother Marcof went to his brother in secret and shown him the letter. He flew into a rage, where Marcof threw a poison powder in his face. Darios fell to the floor convulsing. The brother cried for help after pouring a whole bottle of wine on to his brothers face and his hands making the powder disappear from view. a little later a doctor pronounced Darios dead by natural means after being slipped a few coins from a generous yet grieving brother.

Many weeks past and funds become low for Diane and her daughter. She got word from Marcof of her lover's death and an offer to return to the service of his house. Diane knew to well of his hatred of his brother but she needed to provide for her daughter.

So she would live time to time returning one cycle with word that she and her daughter was invited to a compound. There was a dinner being serves and her mother was to be welcomed into the ranks of Marcof's prized bodyguards.

As they enter the compound Saith at the age of 12, see's a young man roughly a decade older than her. he was quiet and cold toward her to start with. The food was good and the night was noisy with merry making. Her mother nicknames the boy Lykios saying her was more wolflike than man. slinking in the shadows watching after her daughter as if she were either a meal. Which she only joking she knew the man only was watching her to make sure the others left her alone. she was so timid and would cling to her mother when someone would only look at her. They returned home with penty of food and furs. even a case of warm clothing for the coming winter.... But her mother slowly become sick. until one day she died.

The doctor came to see her mother on this day and he was accompanied with the younge man that had reguaded her so coldly at first but he seemed some what warmer now. was it... being away from the compound? Who cared.. her only known constant in life was gone. What was she to do? Where was she to go now? Lykios wrapped a fur cloak on her shoulders and tells her that his father offers her his home until she gets on her feet. She was numb and didn't care anymore only wanted to be near this warm that seemed to come from him. Little did she know the horrors that awaited in that hell riddled compound. When first coming to the place she noticed Lykios' demeanor immediately change. He was short with his answers and flinched if she touched him. Marcof come out playing the role of guardian hairy godfather in her time of grief and offered her a room in his home. Later that evening he explained he knew of her lineage and he was ashamed of her living conditions to be his blood kin and made to live in a hut in the woods. Poor girl. She just stared dead to the world. just this morning being torn from her mother's side. He said he heard of her prowess with a scythe and that he expected nothing else from the great warrior Diane's daughter but would hope she would have been trained in a more practical weaponary. No matter, he would see to it she would be trained properly. He then told her she was expected to marry Lykios.

There were the usual advances from the male guards that lived in the area but the blatant disregard that she was even human. She was locked in to room nightly and only released for fighting weapons. and after a particulary feral session where she cut the pinky finger and ear from her teacher after being called a waste of time for training a female. Marcof was terrified of her but was after her strength and planned to merge her with the equally powerful Lykios. Seeing the merger would produce a grand solider from his niece and adopted son. Neither were treated really like humans. Much like prized beast of burden. They weren't particular mistreated save the tests they good doctor would run occasionally on Lykios. which Saith would hear screaming but was threatened if she came near the door the guard would kill him and she'd be thrown to the dogs or the drunken guards off duty.

On the day on her 19th birthday. a celebration was to be held and she was to be wed Lykios. She was allowed out on the grounds to prepare. She was walking along the halls following a strange sweet smell. He heard Her uncle laughing and toasting the good doctor. Then she heard it. How he killed her father took the fortune... then finally killed her mother slowly after she refused his advances.. and the plan for using her as breeding stock to produce an heir but her mind was racing making her not hear the rest. She went quickly back to her room. Prepared for the wedding. Lykios had left for a hunt to bring a boar for the feast.

Everyone was all a buzz with the coming party. But Saith snapped after a guard made an advance on her nearly chocking her unconscious and none of the maids even lifted a finger to help. took her scythe and as the guards came in to stop her she began slaughtering everything and everyone. She knocked lit lanterns from the hooks on the walls a blaze following behind her. By the time she reached her Uncle Her dress was shredded black splattered her dress and dripped from her scythe. She swung hitting his spine as he turned to flee. She then left the compound dripping with blood until she reached the hut she and her mother lived. Snow fell gently around her everything looked so dead and lifeless but she was too numb to even feel the cold. She opened the door and was greeted with a wall of water sucking her in. She bursts up gasping for air. She's was in a large marble bath house landing her self in what later she would come to know as the Flamepits public bath.