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Ask any blood in Sigil, and she’ll tell you that the Ragers are a band of addle-coved bashers who’re a menace to anything in their path. Then she’ll tell you what she really thinks, in words that can’t be repeated here. What’s there to say about a gang of glory-seekers who believe life’s one battle after another? Stand up to a Rager, and a cutter’s got a duel to the death to deal with. Let him blow on by, and a cutter’s got to live with a fountain of scorn and ridicule. Ragers might just be some of the most annoying berks in the multiverse, and they’re proud of it.

A History

The Ragers probably got their start somewhere in Ysgard, but they’re more widespread now. They turn up just about anywhere. Not too long ago, the Ragers built a great arena in Sigil’s Lower Ward, and they looked like they were on their way toward becoming a faction. But in an unprecedented spree of random bloodshed and violence, they managed to anger every other faction in the Cage. The Ragers were declared too leather-headed and dangerous to stay in Sigil and were thrown out of the Cage one by one. And one by one they’ve been coming back, demanding honorable combat with whatever cutters happened to throw them out. Most bloods get a headache just thinking about the Ragers.

So, how did such an unpopular band ever get so large? Well, there’s no dark to the fact that an old Rager’s rarer than a toothless tanar’ri. They lead lives that’re nasty, brutish, and short, picking one fight after another until finally some high-up gets bothered on the wrong day and squashes one like a bug. It’s a sad statement about the quality of heroes today that there’s always another berk with more muscles than brains, his head filled with dreams of glory and conquest, who’s willing to sign up. Ragers come in all shapes and sizes, but as a mark of their beliefs they tattoo themselves with records of all of their personal victories. They range from hulking axemen to slim, graceful fencers - any school or method of personal, hand-tohand combat is possible among a gang of Ragers. In addition to their tattoos and obvious armament, Ragers also wear red cloaks, capes, or shirts to distinguish themselves.


Underlying the addled and seemingly self-destructive and self-defeating nature of the Ragers is a drive for self-improvement, not unlike that of the Believers of the Source, except they're not waiting for the next life, they want to be the best in this one. Behind every foolish challenge, every snapped tooth and commemorative tattoo is a Rager's desire to be better, faster, stronger, more resilient than the day before.

Allies and Enemies

The Ragers win few friends in the Factions, but are most at odds with the Triad of Order, who are highly critical of their chaotic nature. Their philosophy sometimes finds them some purchase amongst The Godsmen, who also believe in self-improvement, and with the Transcendent Order, who can be similarly martial-minded and free-spirited.


Ragers tend to follow either the Norse Pantheon, native to Ysgard, or other martial deities like Ares.

Notable Ragers

Solomon Faldukr
Glaucon Spinel