Othachla Nthkigtha

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Othachla Nth-kigtha
Male Kuo-Toa
Player: Celticman
General Information
Full Name: Othachla Nth-kigtha ina Nin'agal
Nicknames: Fish-Man
Age: Unknown
Deity: Knowledge Concept
Occupation: Deep One, Spiritual Advisor to Thilam, an elder water genasi
Faction/Rank: Unknown
Place of Birth: Yg'ugndeg, the Sunken Temple
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'6" (170.6cm)
Weight: 200lbs (90.7kg)
Eyes: Amber
Hair: None
Complexion: Squamous, pigmentation varies with mood
Physical Build: Fish-Man
Physical Features: Scales, fins, bulbous eyes that rotate independently
Fisherman, merchant, priest and lore keeper
Equipment and Items

Physical Appearance

Adorned with an aura of aquatic supremacy, this kuo-toa proudly brandishes an ice-encrusted mace at their side and carries a trident fastened to their back. Draped across the trident, a weighty shield boasts intricate tribal symbols, its surface adorned by barnacles and draped in the lush embrace of sea moss. A majestic head-dress, hewn from the sturdy shell of an aquatic mollusc, graces their brow, its tentacles undulating beneath. An array of aquatic artifacts and trinkets dangle from their form, accompanied by an assortment of enchanted bags and jars housing enigmatic aquatic creatures.

In-Game Portrait http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/352552/modules/forum/attachments/Othachla_1414192379.zip


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Personality (Traits, Interests and Goals)

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  • Paranoid
  • Greedy
  • Obsessive-Compulsive

Background Information

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Languages Known: Aquan, Abyssal, Kuo-toan

Hometown/Region: Yg'ugndeg, Shadowsea, 89th Layer of the Abyss

Yg'ugndeg, the Sunken Temple

Much of kuo-toan life and society focuses on religion. The church forms the center of every community, both physically and metaphysically. Each kuo-toa city is ruled by a Sunken Council— a group of nine high-level clerics or Deep Ones who direct the citizens in their religious observances. Larger kuo-toa settlements usually have ornate churches that sponsor frequent celebrations in honor of their brooding deity, whom they call the Father of Darkest Depths. A smaller enclave might have only a simple shrine and periodic visits from a low-level priest.

Kuo-toas spend much of their leisure time in the spawning pools. Young kuo-toa hatch in these sheltered pools and spend their first year of life there. Only after their amphibian qualities fully develop can they leave the pools to become full-fledged members of kuo-toan society.


  • This kuo-toa has been frequently seen at a village in the elemental plane of water on the edge of the Vast Sea. He serves as a spiritual advisor and oracle to an elder of the village known as Thilam.