Nezhara Drallas

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Nezhara Drallas
Female Human
Player: Tjmat
General Information
Full Name: Nezhara Drallas
Nicknames: Nez/'N'
Age: Unknown
Deity: See above
Occupation: Scribe, Contract Broker, Illusionist, Fraternity Administrator
Faction/Rank: Fraternity of Order
Place of Birth: Thay, Toril
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Red
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Svelte
Physical Features: Thayan Red Wizard's tattoo
Leadership, Deciphering, High knowledge in Spellcrafts and lore
Equipment and Items
Heavily enchanted robes often a mixture of red, black, and golds, spellbook, concealed spellblades and wands.

Chant of Administrator Nezhara Drallas has spread far and wide throughout the Planes. A renown summoner and illusionist among spell-caster circles, and a woman who always has a plan for those in a difficult space, her time is often sought after by those with plans beyond comprehension. Was it not her who lead the Fraternity of Order's efforts in the capture of the mad Anarchist Scrout as a fresh face? Was it not her brilliant tactics that has her rise above her peers in battles of wit and strategy, fighting tooth and nail for the offerings of power they continue to wield to this very day? Hells, she's the one who's knowledge of the 'verse has birthed an adult red wyrm as if it were a familiar!

But those are not the only tales of Administrator Drallas. There are other stories that float among the lawless, darker ones. They whisper of a warlord of Baator who threw hundreds of mobius at bounty hunters for her head, only for the man and mobius to disappear overnight. Secret meetings with a dozen factors behind closed doors, offering her strategic advice to both sides of a war, sharing a kip with a Factor of a rival Faction, secret visits to Baator and their temples within Sigil...And occasionally, a few dozen prime wizards in red will come knocking at a gate town decrying all sorts of crimes to her name. Nobody takes them seriously, of course, but it doesn't stop their camps from being reduced to ash and dust within an hours time.

Nobody can say for sure what all is true or not, but one think can be agreed on; it's better to have her on your side than against it.