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Merkhants subscribe to a simple philosophy: Money is power. The accumulation of raw material wealth'll lead to dominion over the multiverse. A berk can run the whole bloomin' cosmos if he's got enough jink to buy it.

Most Merkhants work alone, although they hold irregular meetings to discuss matters that affect business as a whole. They'll help each other out - for a price. Some Misers work only through legitimate business channels, but many know of the massive profits to be had from doing business in the black market.

The Misers are strongest in the Outlands, as trade from all over the planes crosses this "middle ground" at one point or another. They're allied with the Believers of the Source, since they feel that mortals and powers are the same except for the amount of jink (and therefore power) they've got. Misers are also on good terms with the Fated. On the other hand, the Merkhants don't care for the Guvners and their trade-restrictive lows and tariffs. The Ciphers find the Misers' obsession with material wealth distasteful.