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"The Justice Bringer"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: Cities, wind, rain,
storms, thunder
Symbol: Silvery net
Home P/L/R: Arcadia/Abellio/

Marduk's realm is an arid land of sun and sky, with the power's vast marble and adobe city - also named Marduk - in the exact center. The rivers Luar and Kath flow through the realm and the city, keeping the burg cool even on the hottest days. Outsiders to the realm are watched carefully, but as long as they don't violate the law, they're left alone.

Marduk the power is concerned with justice, law, and the movements of his opposite: Tiamat, queen of evil dragonkind. Marduk usually appears as a four-eyed, four-eared blood with reddish skin, and he shoots fire from his mouth when he speaks. But he doesn't stroll through his realm too often. Fact is, he generally leaves the rule of the land up to the mortals, just to see how well they adapt and hold to his precepts.