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"Life Giver"
Pantheon: Unknown
AoC: Healing, Conjuration, Fire
Symbol: Circle with two dots, one at the top and one at the bottom. Within the Circle is the a flame.
Home P/L/R: Unknown/Unknown/

Mar is a very peculiar goddess, having only a few followers outside her home plane, she prefers that all beasts, be they good, evil or neutral have a chance of life. She see's all undead as beings who yearn for life and thus attempt to steal it and Necromancers as creators of suffering and thus must be destroyed and have their life given another purpose. All her worshipers carry the book of Mar with them, a religious text that reminds her worshipers what they should stand for. The Majority of those that worship her are usually Clerics, Paladins, The sick and the dying and sometimes Pyromancers.