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  • Warning: This sect requires competent and experienced understanding of Planescape lore and Sigil setting. To join this sect is to join a belief/movement that the Lady of Pain herself supposedly culled during the Great Upheaval. It is very dangerous, and unwise for your character to do such, and should you identify as a Liminalist you risk becoming a pariah and target within the Cage- and forfeit your character's safety at all times within.

The Boundless Path - Liminal Horizons - Rise of a Sect

The tall planetouched man bristled his brilliant white feathers as a droll but effective attention getter. He'd been stonewalled by the Hall of Speakers so he set up at a podium in the Lower Ward and began speaking screed. On his lapel was stitched a symbol, an inverted keyhole adorning an intricate pattern.

"Intelligence affords each of us a particularly interesting duality. The instincts that preserve through awarding stability with comfort, and tempering risk with fear; and yet curiosity, ambition, passion urges us to expand outward no matter the stakes. We Liminalists believe the latter is the crux of progress, and that our minds and bodies are intrinsically malleable for this purpose.

We are all beset by an obstacle we call the Liminal Horizon, the barrier that rests between our current and future potential. Look to the farm boy born on a remote spit of land on the Prime Material. His familial or cultural ties instill a sense of responsibility to settle for bounded reality. The roads outward present danger, the unpredictable nature of the unknown, inspiring trepidation of a tragic end.

The boy's sense of wonder then overrules these hesitations and he ventures forth. By uprooting himself the Liminal Horizon is expanded, and the boy is illuminated to wonderful advances both natural and man made. Suddenly the very notion of what is and isn't possible is dashed and remade. More temptations to settle arise, as our base instincts are deeply woven, and yet this boy is not content. From shore to shore, from highest peak to lowest cavern, to the depths of the sea to the lofty skies, the Horizon is expanded until it reaches its first true milestone.

The Sphere that encompasses the Prime Material world, the contained reality in which he was born. Is this barrier really so different from the boy's initial decision to leave his quiet hamlet? The exploration will have molded his body and mind; with technology, magic, strength, knowledge, readying him to defy this great filter.

As an aside, it is increasingly clear that the barrier between the Prime Material and other planes has been getting easier to bypass. Just ask any Planarist and they'll froth over the increasing rate of lemon arrivals. Some theorize that in the coming generations numerous Primes will open fully to the planes, similar to the advent of the Harmonium, yet on a much grander scale. This process should be welcomed and encouraged.

Back to my intrepid figure, his path leads him to the Ethereal and Astral, precious currents of an entirely new form of roadway for him. For the first time he realizes that even the basic natural rules he'd come to believe infallible are merely a localized phenomenon. Beyond them the concept of infinity is awakened in the mind and everything suddenly seems so small. With each acclimation the foundation upon where all effort and ideas culminate is expanded.

Many probe at their current Liminal Horizon in Sigil -- the Dustmen calling their next destination True Death, the Godsmen seeking methods through divinity, the Ciphers readying themselves by ousting hesitation. We've all come a long way, molding ourselves and our surroundings step by step, and have a long way yet to go."

The crowd that had gathered is offered a full bag of portal keys and the winged stranger is not seen again.

The Sect

((OOC information that should be considered public knowledge to anybody doing their chant gathering.))

The Liminalists were one of dozens of factions that existed before the Great Upheaval, when the Lady decreed that only fifteen would survive. The faction faded into obscurity when their leadership went missing and the stronger factions crushed their members. Why they've resurfaced is a mystery but the sect seems to be slowly growing.

Believing that the core means of advancement rests in immersing oneself in new places/planes, all members are encouraged to be constantly on the move. Portal keys are often exchanged between believers, as well as offered to the public as a service they consider important. Methods that make planar travel easier and widespread are a valuable pursuit.

Primary Plane of Influence

Due to their small size and passion for exploration, Sigil is the only common link. Their former HQ is currently unknown.

Allies and Enemies

In many ways the sect is the polar opposite of the Symmetrists (and Planarists to a smaller extent) who believe beings should be contained to their plane of origin. Most factions are peery of the newly formed sect due to rumors of Her Serenity mazing their former leadership during the Great Upheaval.

The Sensates are able to relate to the sect's desire for new experiences, and the GISA league seem fully supportive as dedicated planehoppers.


The Liminalists are open to all races and classes that embrace education through travel. Lawful bodies seem rarer than otherwise. Those who follow religions lauding travel, like the Egyptian Power Khensu, are particularly suitable. The same applies to those who've adopted the gatecrasher path.


The Liminalists are particularly in sync with portals and have an inherent bonus to detecting their presence. Exploration experience for newly discovered planes has a higher chance of being rewarded.


As a former Sigil faction they find resistance by the status quo, suffering -2 to social rolls in the city. If any in the sect spend a consecutive month on any single plane they will begin to suffer XP penalties.