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Gehenna Layer
Order: Fourth
Realms: The Night Below

The fourth mount of Gehenna, the Dead Furnace, is devoid of volcanic activity; it went inactive millennia ago. The great mountain of the layer is a darkened pillar rumbling in the night. The layer is shrouded in silence. No wind stirs and no light glimmers. Krangath is dead. Petitioners are rare, and those that move about on this layer have learned to keep quiet, lest Melif hear them.


An artificially maintained ledge holds a precisely fashioned complex of obsidian. Dim, reddish lights are visible in tiny, slitlike windows throughout the complex. This is Hopelorn, the stronghold of Melif the Lich-Lord. Hopelorn is a mortuary city where sarcophagi glow like streetlights and necromantic energies dance wisplike over every boulevard. Here undead are welcome, but not so the living or petitioners, whom Melif regards as pathetic losers unable to properly manage the passage of their mortal lives. In Hopelorn, Melif and a cabal of liches and other powerful undead spellcasters conduct their undying research into the nature of life, death, and being. Sometimes Melif and his assembly capture fiends for outrageous experiments, though they are careful never to capture yugoloths, lest the wrath of that race fall squarely on Hopelorn. Besides, it is rumored that Melif was once a yugoloth himself, before he steeped himself in the eldritch arts and eventually lichdom.

Gehenna Layers

Khalas . Chamada . Mungoth . Krangath