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"Lady of the Dead"
Pantheon: Drow
AoC: Undead, vengeance
Symbol: Female drow hand
with silver rings
Home P/L/R: Abyss/113/Thana-

Kiaransalee, the drow goddess of the undead and vengeance, has recently seized a new home in the Abyss, casting her predecessor into the Astral void and turning his undead servants to her own will. Now she sits and broods in her realm and plots ways to free herself of the dominance of Lolth. She's what most mortals'd call crazy, but there's no one barmy enough to tell her so.

Kiaransalee has several known proxies, but she prefers to work on her problems herself, rather than trust someone else to do justice to her vision. Since she controls a multitude of undead, she's got armies of bashers at her command anyway. Those who've been selected to be her proxies know that their days're numbered, and act accordingly - with nothing left to lose, they do what they like. Rotting Jack is the steward of Kiaransalee's palace in Naratyr, the City of the Dead, while Anista of Eight Eyes tends to the castle known as the Forbidden Citadel.

As a realm, Thanatos is totally inhospitable. The natives are sods that were killed by Kiaransalee, and any berk who tries to take a petitioner out of the area's likely to become one himself. It's a place where almost nothing can grow, except for the heartiest molds and fungi. Other plants brought to Thanatos wither and die, and it's no wonder. The realm has no life, no heat - nothing a living body needs to nourish himself. It's a place best left alone.