Kalleia Shellkeeper

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Kalleia Shellkeeper
Female Dargonesti
Player: Vanta
General Information
Full Name: Kalleia Shellkeeper
Nicknames: Kally, "Wet Elf"
Age: 67
Deity: Habbakuk
Occupation: Cleric
Faction/Rank: Society of Sensation
Place of Birth: Shoorakis, Watermere
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 178 lbs
Eyes: Yellow-gold
Hair: Seaweed green
Complexion: Deep turquoise
Physical Build: Athletic; swimmer's body
Physical Features: Large doll-like eyes; freckles; oval-shaped face
Healing, martial combat, perception & observation
Equipment and Items
A holy spear & shield, and a suit of armor from the late Zaidu Hagson

(Work in Progress)


This Dargonesti possesses soft, pretty features and an oval-shaped face. Her large yellow eyes are glassy and almost doll-like, sharply observant of her surroundings. Freckles, lighter and a little greener than the rest of her, pepper her turquoise skin. Her full lips usually rest in a neutral frown. Beneath her long ears lie feathery slits of gills on either side of her neck.

Her hair, green like healthy seaweed, is wavy and often wet, cascading down her back in a dignified braid. Loose waves come down to her shoulders to frame her face. Her braid is decorated with pink-and-white shells and thinly-woven cords of seagrass, come together in an intricate expression of self and beauty.


Kalleia lived through the Age of Mortals. She came of age during the silence of the gods and the loss of the moons, and later saw their return. And yet during their absence, she did not lose faith; many were shaken, others embittered entirely, but she remained steadfast in her devotion to the Fisher King, Habbakuk, known to her people as Abbuku the Fisher. She did not turn away in shame when her prayers went unanswered, for it was all she ever knew, and she could not understand how some would narrow a deity's entire existence down to observable, material fact. To devote oneself to a force unprovable, that was belief, that was true faith.

After the War of Souls, she heard a whisper. Days later, she felt a great lightness in her breast. And over time, bit by bit, as the gods returned to Krynn and reclaimed their faithful, she felt an unlocking within her very being, and soon after that, she blossomed into a Cleric of her dear Habbakuk. For the very first time, she felt whole.

It is this completeness that drives her. She cannot imagine anything else; she is entirely and emphatically devoted to her god, and she seeks to incorporate his message into all things. He is the divine power of Persistence. This is everything to her, persistence — it is how she survives after tragedy and how she keeps herself moving forward, not merely something to hold on to, but a core tenet of her philosophy. For if you do not persist, then how can you keep living? And if you do not keep living, then how will you know the joy of life itself?