Hyeronimus Barxire

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Male Tiefling
Player: Laiken
General Information
Full Name: Hyeronimus Barxire
Nicknames: Barx'/Barxie/Pigeon
Age: 29
Deity: Mystra
Occupation: Mystic Theurge, Scholar, Master of Tradegate's great hall of knowledge
Faction/Rank: Sign of One
Place of Birth: Toril (specifics unknown)
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'5
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Crimson (color occasionally changes)
Hair: Dark
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: Dark feathered wings, dark forked tail. Glowing razorvines tatooed on his forearms and hands. Black scar across his right palm.
9th circles in arcane&divine magic, high Knowledge, spellcraft, alchemy, enchanting.
Equipment and Items
Arcane clothing or celestial mithril platearmor, spear, shield, "lots" of trinkets and misc.


A tall and thin man, he keeps a practical yet refined attire and more often than not leans on a staff for support. In term of physique, "under average" seems the more appropriate to describe his features, not horrible, but nothing to drops your jaw about at all. Noticeably when he smiles, his canines are closer to fangs than classical human tooth. The most striking detail remains his deep crimson eyes that seems to change color on their own volution. Why, that's up to you to discover.


While being a holy man and a scholar, "Barx" remains an amiable enough person, more often than not enjoying idle chatter, if not a bit too much some might think. That is, if one makes the effort of engaging conversation. Quite shy, he tends to keep himself out of conversations and groups if he's not familiar with anyone, even more so since arriving in Sigil, considering the general opinion about people of Faith. Generally lazy, enjoys cheap wine, and more importantly, a solid book-worm.


He keeps a rather seclusive existence in Sigil, having very few people he calls friends. He shares his life in the cage with Serina Daeth, the temple of Agni's owner. Mostly friendly to a few fellow planeswalkers, Barx entertains good relations with the lording council of Tradegate as master of the great hall of knowledge. He is also a spiritual guide and arcane mentor to the people of a forgotten city in the astral plane, Liburnum. Where enemies are concerned, the most known are of course the Alliance of Change. Less known are Queen Vlaakith's raiders in the astral plane, whom he fought many times to protect his wards, and the yuan-ti cult of Sertrous known as the Vanguard, whom he's interfered with on repeated occasions.


Once, his friend Serina was poisonned in an assassination attempt. With a few others, they eventually found who was responsible and travelled to their stronghold, a sect worshipping Nerull. They laid waste to it in order to find an antidote and give some strong pay back in the process, killing most if not all of the cultists.

After taking involvement in the war, he's been surprisingly active and with a newfound courage. He fought at Tradegate's battle and at Hillards Bay's, helped planeswalkers in various endeavors to gather information or hinder Tana'rii activity, assaulted a camp on the frontlines to recover a dark magic used by the demons at Hillards and helped stop a plan of the Alliance to corrupt Modrons and unleash them on the outlands.

He's also helped Serina on several occasions to raid and destroy slavers hideouts, often ones that had been providing the Alliance with fresh souls.

Having found himself starting a crusade against the Theriantrophes of the Koren forest, near faunel, Barx has waged some sort of guerilla war against the cursed beasts, assaulting and killing packs and garrisons on a daily basis for many weeks, until a final showdown in their main camp where they awaited him led to a more than bloody massacre and what he assumed to be an emissary of Malar coming to hear what he had to say. He had them agree to a temporary truce, leaving Faunel's rangers and Koren's feys alone for the time being, in honor to his bloodletting skills, as they called it.

After a small adventure along Jack Silvence in the lands of Karasuthra, Barx' found himself in an odd spot as he recovered the egg of a giant Hyppogryf. The two had slain the angry parents that attacked them, and the tieffer felt so bad about it on discovering the youngling to be that in his sillyness, decided to raise the little beast in attonement. He found the druids of Faunel willing to help along a skillfull beast-tamer they hired, and has been paying daily visits to the hatched little creature ever since, spending hours and hours with it getting pecked and clawed at, bonding slowly and steadily.

After Mystra entrusted him with a mission through one of her agents, Barx' ventured to a set of ancient and forgotten ruins of a temple in the Ethereal plane with a few people he trusted to recover and preserve something following his godess's will. They learned the temple was part of a city from a world that was destroyed centuries ago, through the ghost of one of its people. The responsible was a lich called Zaraldius, that was once one of the highest ranking arcanist of their extinct civilization, the empire of Aurelin. Through a mysterious tome, he and many underlings conducted a ritual to channel their world's leylines into energy sources, which through failure, shattered their prime. The temple and the few friendly ghosts acted as his prison since, filled with potent barriers and an anti-magic field to prevent him from escaping. Barx' and the others decided to destroy the lich and his phylactery, after he managed to channel the barriers magic with the help of Mystra to fuel his own divine spells despite the anti-magic. On the lich's remains, Barx' found the mysterious volume, which was an unending tome containing the equivalent of dozens over dozens of libraries knowledge along much lore on the forgotten civilization. Certain it was his initial target, Barx' studied all he could on the empire through the volume and the friendly ghosts of the temple before entrusting the tome away to Mystra's agents and accomplishing his mission.

Following the mission in the Ethereal, Barx' and a small company of planeswalkers he trusted ventured into the astral plane to the forgotten city of Liburnum, last surviving remnant of the empire, where he confronted and destroyed the last follower of Zaraldius, who had growned into a self-declared god-emperor, in an epic battle at the summit of his dungeon. From there on, Barx' became a guide and mentor to the people of Liburnum, protecting them from Githyanki and other threats, teaching them about their forgotten ways he learned from the unending tome, making them reacquaint themselves with free will and freedom. Mystra brought her celestial agents to Liburnum in order to help protect them from harm's way, and bestowed upon Hyeronimus a set of full plate forged out of Celestial Mithril, Gloswsteel, specifically enchanted and crafted for him as a token of her favor, which he has worn in battle ever since, proudly bearing the glowing sigil of the lady of mysteries on the breastplate, along the ability to call upon a powerful warden archon in her service in his times of need and danger.

With the blessings of the council of Tradegate, Barx' founded the Great hall of knowledge in the city's great bazaar, a huge structure and tower looming over the city where lies a place of knowledge and learning that would outshine many in the multiverse. People come from far and wide to research or educate themselves, the tower housing the apprentices of the institution, while the Laboratory of Hyeronimus himself lies underneath the building, with none allowed inside aside a select few, for it housed much dangerous knowledge and secrets. Or so it's told.

"I'm sure there's more. But that's all the Dark I've got on this blood, berk. Figure it out from here."


Being a man of insatiable curiosity, Barx is in a never ending quest for knowledge. The weirder and rarer the subject of interest, the better. His primary passion remains about magic, and mastery matching the greatest names of history is his dream.

Barx sees as a duty to retrieve, safeguard and sometimes destroy ancient, lost, or dangerous magical lore and knowledge. The priest considering most of his fellow scholars "power hungry sods", he's highly reluctant in sharing.

During his travels, he's found a set of almost completely collapsed ruins under a giant skull in Mithardir's desert wastelands. Highly interested in it, he is hoping that after the war quiets down, he can organize expeditions and excavations to unearth their origins and secrets.

Having recently discovered an ancient amulet of incredible power, Barx' has been progressively attuning with it and unlocking many powerful and obscure abilities. While the artifact might be unquestionably dangerous to him and others, it is his hope that he can use it in ongoing conflicts for the greater good, although there might be dire consequences.


Hyeronimus was found, named and raised in Saradush, a city of Tethyr. Abandonned by unknown parents, he was brought in the cult of Mystra by one of her priests, belonging to a hidden house of mysteries within the city. There he was educated and brought into priesthood, and led a quiet life among his brethren. Eventually, one morning, he woke up in Sigil rather than his comfy room, entirely clueless and distraught.

From there on, he began to learn, explore and improve. After getting acquainted with planeswalkers and finding a new vocation, he started walking the path of a Mystic Theurge, staying true to his faith regardless of the attempts of some to lead him stray.

When he heard of the sky scar and the war, he decided to act as well and joined the fight, which led him to joining the Golden Heron mercenary company after Tradegate's battle. From there on, he's taken an active part in the fight and behind the scene, while growing in power, experience and confidence. He also joined the Society of the Luminiferous Aether, in Sigil, granting him access to a great source of knowledge and lore.

Some times after the battle of Hillard's Bay, he joined the Sign of One, as his trial vision came true during the fight. The tieffer has his very own interpretation of the signer's philosophy and might appear less self centered than most of his peers, although he nonetheless strongly believes that imagination holds true and raw power in the 'verse after his experience.

Ever since he had arrived in Sigil, Barx' had found his connection with Mystra to be silent, exception being his patron kept fueling his divine magic. It was only recently that he realized he had strayed from the dogma, having consequently used magic for selfish goals and endeavors, particularly his foolish crusade against were-beasts. He then found a quiet place in the astral plane and built a small makeshift altar he consecrated, then prayed for forgiveness. A few cycles later, an agent of his godess appeared at his doorstep with a mission.

What happened then is only known to a select few that accompanied the Theurge in his errands, but it is said that sometimes after that famous mission, he started regularly venturing in the Astral plane, bearing the favor of his divine patron. Nowadays, Hyeronimus is a well known figure in the planeswalking community, Sigil and the outlands, holding a clear stance against the Alliance of Change like several other planeswalkers.

He founded the Great hall of Knowledge in Tradegate, which plays a new central role in magical education in the Outlands, and attracts beings from far and wide to peruse the thousands of volumes its library holds.

Sometimes you can see him in the Hall handling various matters, or on his way to meet Tradegate's council. He returns to Sigil sometimes, to check on his friends, attend duties with the Sign of One, or merely for a drink in the Ubiquitous Wayfarer.

The rest remains yet to be written.