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"The Merciless"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Death, disease
Symbol: Her half-black,
half-white face
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/

Hel, daughter of Loki and a giantess, is the power of the ignoble dead. She watches over the grim realm of Niflheim on the Gray Waste. She's a joyless basher, though she's seen from time to time with a mocking smile on the black half of her face (the white half has no features at all). Hel is, in short, just what a body'd expect from a deity of death - and nearly emotionless.

She bears no love for the rest of the Norse pantheon, and she cares even less for the agents of the powers. Any berk they send to Niflheim is likely to find himself seated at Hel's banquet table before too long.

The realm isn't much to look at. It's like the rest of the Gray Waste - dull and cheerless. A central banquet hall holds all the petitioners of Niflheim at once; obviously, it's a huge affair, but it seems smaller on the inside. That's mostly because no matter where a body sits, he can see Hel seated at the head of the hall. The food on the table is rotting, and snakes drip poison from the ceiling - it's not exactly homey.

Hel's wandering proxy is Eirikka the Bloody, a basher who squeezes the blood of her past victims from her hands when she's angry. Unlike the power she serves, Eirikka's quite emotional. It's just that her emotion's usually anger.