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"The Far Seeing"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Mountains, peaks
Symbol: Red sun-capped
Alignment: N
Worshiper Alignment: N
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (the Pinnacle)
Know Proxies: Essylt y'Marc'h, Half-Elf female

Dunatis, one of the minor powers of the pantheon, lives on a vast mountain on the fringe of Tir na Og. Chant is he's probably the most approachable of the Celtic deities. After all, there's not much call for a god of the mountains (except, perhaps, among climbers) and Dunatis likes to spread his word himself. He even claims to have created the infinite Spire at the center of the Outlands, and he is revered by some of the rilmani that live there. Dunatis appears as a normal cutter, but an aura of divine power clings to him no matter how much he tries to mask it.

His realm, knows as the Pinnacle, is a single mountain, though the terrain varies considerably all over the surface, from nearly flat to sheer, steep rock. Trees cover its slopes, and wild animals gambol, not caring to whit about humans.

Essylt y'Marc'h is the proxy who's most likely to get involved with visitors to the Pinnacle. She can't fall from any surface in the realm unless she wants to, and even then she always stands up after, unharmed by the tumble. Essylt is raven-haired and green-eyed, but a sharpness about her face makes her seem feral and unfriendly. She strives to dispel that image.