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Male Gnoll
Player: DuskenRadholm
General Information
Full Name: Djuln
Nicknames: Dog, pup, beast, big guy, fatass, list goes on
Age: 35 ((And still going, somehow))
Deity: Gorellik
Occupation: Planewalker, Hunter, general problem
Faction/Rank: None (Stag)
Place of Birth: An Island on Toril
Physical Attributes
Height: ~8'
Weight: He doesn't know anymore, but heavy
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown fur, black spots/mane/tail
Complexion: coarse fur, mottled and rough furless left arm
Physical Build: Very, very fat
Physical Features: Scar on chin/torso, furless arm is acid scars
Martial skills, strong senses, aspiring cook
Equipment and Items
Too assorted and eclectic, though visibly assorted full plate or a tunic and shorts

Appearance and Personality

Standing tall and strong, even for a gnoll, the monstrous beast towers over quite a few folk, usually, but lacks the level of imposing nature you might expect, seeming more disinterested and lazy. This is furthered given his frame shows signs of dedicated training, but a lot of cheat days; while he clearly is broad and carries a likely core of muscle, he is excessively corpulent, sign of his strength totally hidden by layers of fat carried most obviously in a sagging gut, thick chest, and snout with soft jowls; a marvel of gluttony, if there was one. Part of that might be in line with the bit of grey speckled in the brown fur on his snout, a fur that covers most of his body barring his mane, tail, and spots, which are black, instead, and his furless left arm, mottled and scarred. His beady black eyes hide a cunning in his rather bored expressions that hints a sinister interest in everything that's otherwise hard to note unless he's excited by something.

The massive gnoll is usually packed in some form of plate-mail armor that clearly must either be heavily enchanted or take a lot of work to wear and keep fitted... or both. Otherwise, he's dressed in a tunic and shorts, similarly questionably fitted. He always has a lot of bags on his person, hanging from his belt though often mostly hidden, given his girth. His weaponry is eclectic, mostly swords, though as of the moment, he seems to awkwardly favor a flail.

Crass, cruel, loud-mouthed, hot-headed; these are a few good words for Djuln. Stubborn to a fault, he still seems to, surprisingly, keep his antagonism to words unless a show of strength is necessary. This seems more from the lazy air he carries, never liking to do more than he wants or needs to, which compounds with his gluttonous appetite and propensity for treating the weak like fodder, sometimes literally.


Djuln was born to a tribe that he's forgotten the name of, on an island on Toril nestled in the Moonshaes. When he was a young pup, the drow raided his small island looking for possible tradeable spoils... and people. His tribe fought back and was slaughtered, though he was spared given his naturally sturdier physique. Taken back below, it was planned he'd be a gladiator for the drow before the duergar spoke up and ended up compensating to take him as a laborer instead. Put into servitude in the mines, he worked for years before apparently /earning/ freedom from the grey dwarves, which lead him to, after a few months of floundering in Underdark society, make the ardrous journey back to the surface. Arriving on the coast of the mainland, he wandered for a few years more, attempting to find civil treatment and learn what he could about the world he'd missed slaving away deep below. In the end, he found himself walking into a cavern... and out into Sigil. The rest, is a few years of planeswalking stories you can ask him yourself.


  • Helped defend the moving castle of the mercenary leader Jack Silvence of the Golden Herons near the start of the demonic incursions.
  • Former Athar, he joined, spent some time, and then abandoned the faction in a spectacular meltdown between himself and another member over a fault of his own. The dark is he turned the factotum over to a Proxy for harm the wizard caused.
  • Was involved in the destabilization of a Banite hold in the planes.
  • Known for a lot of unnecessary killing, though not in Sigil in the face of the law. Notably, this has led him to odds with the Koren Fey given he's gone and killed a bunch of them /twice/. Seems he's learned his lesson the hard way, though, marked by the forest.
  • He's not a quiet individual, and he's easy to spot given his features. It's not unlikely his just being around has caught attention.