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“Who do you think you’re talking to, berk, you wanna take this outside?” -Agnossus, of the Dispossessed


In order to understand the fellowship that calls itself the Dispossessed, a basher first has to understand its unofficial parent group, the Banished. Pandemonium and Carceri are the two most common planes for beings to find themselves exiled to when they offend some significant ruler, wizard or power. Pandemonium in particular has so many of these exiles who have taken up permanent residence that planar travelers have come to refer to them specifically as the Banished. But the Banished daren’t really organized into any official sort of group, any more than peasants are, or hermits. It’s just a convenient term for referring to beings of a particular origin, most of whom have a similar grudge against the rest of creation. By and large, Pandemonium’s Banished clump together in insular little communities that view all outsiders with at least some measure of hostility.

However, there are some members of the Banished, who take their chip-on-the-shoulder attitude out across the planes, seeking to prove that their worth against whatever the multiverse can throw their way. Many of them belong to a sort of loose fellowship, with secret handshakes, passwords, and other recognition signals. They call their order the Dispossessed, an obvious reference to the Banished, which they consider a derogatory term. (Interestingly enough, members of the Dispossessed still usually refer to those exiles who cluster together as the Banished.)

From the point of view of the Dispossessed, life has cast them aside, treating them as if they weren’t worthy to play with the big rollers. Their major motivation is to show the rest of creation that it was wrong in treating them with contempt, that they are each a force to be reckoned with. So they wander about the planes, ruffling feathers and picking fights to prove their mettle. Eventually, most make a point of looking up the individuals who originally exiled them and getting revenge.

Primary Plane of Influence

Not surprisingly, this sect is strongest in Pandemonium, where it took its start. Its members also frequent Carceri, where exiles are often even more in need of a helping hand. Finally, because Cagers make such a big deal of their own town’s importance, quite a few Dispossessed are finding their way to Sigil just looking for trouble as a chance to prove that its citizens ain’t such hot stuff.

Allies and Enemies

Given their antagonistic attitude, the Dispossessed don’t really have any allies. They won’t admit to ever needing anybody else’s help, and most everybody finds their constant posturing annoying. Nonetheless, members of the Fated, Indeps, Anarchists and Signers often find something to admire in this sect’s take-on-the-world attitude. The Harmonium, on the other hand, finds them particularly antagonizing.


Anyone who has been exiled is eligible for membership in the Dispossessed. Current members of the sect are always on the lookout for newly banished bashers, ready to offer a helping hand and an earful of bitter gall to get a newcomer started on a life of vengeance and one-upmanship. But woe to those exiles who refuse the message. They are scorned by the Dispossessed as milksops too weak to stand up and face a hostile universe, and as such are fit only to be kicked aside like dogs.


Due to their hard-headedness, members of the Dispossessed receive a bonus of +1 to saving throws versus all mental attacks. In addition, when rolling for hit points, Dispossessed roll -twice- and take the better roll.

Outside their own sect, Dispossessed suffer a -2 reaction adjustment because of their antagonistic manner.

((These benefits are often adjusted and applied differently for the NwN engine and players.))