Deirdre Kross

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Deirdre Kross
Female Human
Player: Lilith
General Information
Full Name: Unknown
Age: 18
Deity: Belinik
Occupation: Bar maid at IX
Faction/Rank: None
Place of Birth: Velenoye
Physical Attributes
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Deep red
Complexion: light tan with freckles
Physical Build: Meso-endomorph
Physical Features: She is one of the proud Vos warriors. Not afraid to tell you her people are obviously the better choice when it comes to warriors. Anyone looking at her face would see it covered with black or red war paint. It is usually covering temple to temple up to her forehead. Then her lower lip down her throat. If one was to ever see her outside of her usually armor and dark worg pelt they would see her arms and back are covered in intertwining knot tribal tattoos as well as many scars and from battles in the past made with various weapons and flames. On her neck you can clearly see gashes that looked like a beast's teeth once had sunk into her flesh but has long since healed. She seems to always look to be in a fowl mood her face always in a scowl. Those rare few that get to know her will see she is hot tempered, but extremely protective over those she considers her allies but do not expect words of kindness from her.
Equipment and Items