Cadarn Edryd

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During the old conflict between the city-states of Rigus & Ironridge, the land of Tír na nÓg had found itself as a middle ground for the hosts of said cities. The fiercely independent towns of Tír na nÓg have never been one to fall unto one banner, and they struggled to retain a degree of normalcy amongst the clashing armies of Rigus & Ironridge. Many were forcefully seized by various armies, or spitefully pillaged to deny resources to one army. While the Celtic gods would never allow Tír na nÓg to be completely despoiled, it was enough that bands of refugees eventually formed a covenant to leave the war-torn land. Meeting with the displaced elven peoples of their former homeland, they migrated Limbo-wards and filled a power vaccuum to behind the lines of Ironridge. Cadarn wants no trouble and has been a secret sanctuary for tired soldiers, refugees of war, old heroes or anyone who is worn from their battles, and wants the cold to dull the ache of their bodies and memories alike.

From their fortress of Cadarn Edryd, the kingdom's namesake, the Edrydians rule a swath of land that cuts through a good part of the realm. Much of their territory is covered in thick forest or snow and more than one scouting party of Rigus or Ironridge origin has been cut down silently in the dark shadows of thickets. However, average travelers have nothing to fear from Edrydian rangers or outposts.

The fortified town of Cadarn Edryd itself is a marvel. Most of it is plain half-timbered houses, but the great reinforced ramparts of it's walls show true strength. Common services are provided much the same as they are in any other town; weapons, armours, food and drink, magic and so on can be found in it's multitude of shops. The people of this town are true to their homeland, and most of the Celts can be found as honest, hardy folk. Contrastingly, the elves for the most part provide an opposing demeanour that somehow doesn't cause strife within the community. The Buckler House is the finest place of lodging in the town, built amongst the earliest settlers by a certain Tallwyn Galloes. Assorted shops can be found in the central district.

The most important facility in Cadarn Edryd is the Star Court, where powdered officials hobnob with diplomats and do business behind closed doors. Elector-Queen Rhona rules from her bedecked throne, and her courtiers acquiesce to her every notion. That's the official line, at least. Rumour has it that Rhona has grown tired and dismayed with the intrigues and politics of the Star Court and wishes to return to her original role of a warrior leader. Additionally, the Steward of Estate, Gideon Dathkur is said to wield considerable power in Cadarn Edryd as well. He too is based in the Star Court.