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"Chief of the Babylonians"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: Sky, the Babylonian
Symbol: Golden sun partially
blocked by gray
Home P/L/R: Mechanus/Anu's Way

Chant says that Anu created the heavens and the earth, and it is his strict guidance that keeps the other powers of the pantheon in check. Some've said that it's his guidance that's also driving the pantheon from the mortals - and that some of the lesser powers might be considering pooling their strength to overthrow him.

See, Anu is just, but his justice is grim and unyielding. With harsh sentences for even the smallest infractions. Those who serve him strive to avoid breaking his laws, and that suits him perfectly.

Anu's realm is an enormous gear of orderly lines and clay brick buildings, and he lives in a huge palace covered with windows. The swarthy-skinned petitioners are of a uniform appearance, wear azure kilts, and show no apparent signs of gender. All of them possess the same memory and knowledge and are probably as close as people can get to being modrons.