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Male Outsider
Player: Pincushion
General Information
Full Name: Ajumat eju-ta Vaerilesse
Nicknames: Aju, Aj
Age: Indeterminate
Deity: N/A
Occupation: Signer, Sorcerer, and Sojourner
Faction/Rank: Sign of One
Place of Birth: Ab-tej-alesi
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'11
Weight: 230 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Calloused fingers, varied and expensive jewellery, and a penchant for expensive silks
Arcane magic, melee combat, academia, and gambling
Equipment and Items
Halberds and various magical trinkets (of dubious origins)

A compelling strangeling with tall tales, a plummy voice, and an impeccable sense of luxury and opulence. He believes in good living, and it's going to cost the rest of you a LOT of money.

A creature of comfort, Ajumat is rarely seen without some sort of gold adornment strapped to his person. On formal occasions, he elects for a more conservative silver. Arcane trinkets, baubles, and esoterica either hang freely from his belt or are tucked discreetly into one of his many pockets, brandished when he requires them. Despite appearing superficially mundane, a keen eye would notice discrepancies in his appearance from day-to-day; a wrinkle one morning, gone the next. His age seems to span from young adulthood to being middle-aged, and whilst he's obviously recognisable despite these changes, they offer him an uncanny quality. If the transfigurations are intentional, they're done for his amusement.

Ajumat's past is somewhat murky. He's known to talk about once attending the Royal Court of a desert Prime, acting as Royal Vizier to some Sultan or other. He's real quiet about how he went from a cushy life like that of a planeswalker, though. He occasionally makes brief mention of his 'extended family' -- he seems to have dozens of children, who've had even more grandchildren in turn -- though many of them, he claims, have found themselves dying in unfortunate and miraculous accidents. Very odd, he's not just lying to any berk gullible enough to believe him. There's also the matter of his age; given that he occasionally distinguishes himself from 'mortals' and is known to talk in timeframes of centuries, it's doubtful that he's just any old human. He certainly doesn't try to hide it, anyway.

Ajumat's got a very specific stink on him; he's a born politician. Only a Namer as we speak, but he's got ambitions far above that station. Even if he won't admit it outright, it's plain as day. The REAL dark is what he intends to do with that power, and what he really is. See, Ajumat's one of those rare Signers who has a Lawful bent to him, and he's not afraid to show it; anytime he's in the Hall of Speakers, you'll see him backing the axiomatic horse from the shadows. He'll make deals with paladins, blackguards, you name it. 'Course, that's not mentioning his true nature -- look, cutter. I can't tell you about it here. What I /can/ tell you is that penning him is only gonna put him down for a few decades, at most. And he's got a reputation for being quite upset at those who manage to temporarily put him in the dead-book.