Aetrakas Netherdrifter

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Male Tiefling (Zu'ling)
Player: Mordheim
General Information
Full Name: Aetrakas Netherdrifter
Nicknames: Tracker
Age: 22
Deity: n/a
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Faction/Rank: n/a
Place of Birth: Karzech (village near Ribcage)
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 215lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Complexion: Red, leathery
Physical Build:
Physical Features:
Tracking, hunting
Equipment and Items
Studded leather armor, short sword and dagger


In your presence emerges a tiefling, their stature unremarkable yet commanding. A canvas of vibrant scarlet skin wraps around them, complementing the cascade of obsidian hair elegantly drawn back and flowing down to the nape of their neck. A predatory aura emanates from their crimson gaze, where the eyes possess a feline-like mystique, the pupils slicing the iris with a vertical slit.

Adorned in attire that seamlessly marries functionality with flair, they favor leather armor adorned with accents of fur, a nod to both rugged practicality and a taste for refinement. A testament to their seasoned journey, a delicate but imposing steel pauldron and gauntlet enshroud their right arm, bearing the marks of battles fought and triumphs earned.

Origins: Outlands, Karzech

Karzech is a small farming village a few miles outside of Ribcage. (More to come)

Garmos, Tiefer's Only Friend

Garmos is your typical aoskian hound. He is absolutely loyal to Tracker, but he's a bit young and doesn't always listen to his master's commands. He loves children, but absolutely hates displacer beasts.

Far From Home

When Tracker was fifteen, his father and him left Karzech. They had heard Curst was under siege and felt it necessary to leave. His father, Sammael, was an old bounty hunter and had some friends in Hillard's Bay. So that's where they settled. He had been training his son to work with him since he was a boy, and eventually Aertrakas set off on his own with Garmos at his side.

In The Cage

In Sigil he was out of his element. He had always prefered the wilderness to city-life. But he had a goal.. he wanted to right the wrongs that had befallen places like Curst.. and Ribcage. He would use his skills as a bounty hunter and join the Mercykillers, to take down the corruption of these so-called government officials in Gate Towns that would toss law to the side as they saw fit.

The Chant:

  • Apparently this basher wants to join the Mercykillers.