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"The Blacksmith of the Gods"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Smithing, healing
Symbol: Anvil
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, N
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (the Great
Know Proxies: Luchta, Elf Male; Creidhne Dwarf Male

Goibhniu is one of the finest smiths in creation, forging weapons and armor that're rivalled by few and bested by none. He's one of the high-ups of his craft, and it's said that nothing he forges will ever break or miss its mark.

The entrance to Goibhniu's realm, the Great Smithy, sits at the base of an exposed hill, its ruddy light casting out over Tir na Og. The thunder of hammers from his case never ceases, whether the noise issues from the power himself or from the army of smiths under his tutelage. The realm extends deeper into the hill than is readily apparent from the outside and holds vast veins of raw ore used by the smiths.

Goibhniu and Hephaestus (of the Greeks) compare notes and skills, each seeking to further the excellence of their craft. Though they could be rivals, their devotion to smithing is unflagging. However, the Japanese power Ama-Tsu-Mara is said to be jealous of Goibhniu's skills, and the two of them constantly strive to outdo the other.

Goibhniu's two proxies are Luchta and Creidhne, two bloods who were really near-powers in their own right. But they gave their energy to Goibhniu, and now they serve him as proxies. They used to be part of a triad (a nod to the Ruse of Threes), but sacrificed their strength to their companion in order to elevate him. They hope that in raising Goibhniu, they'll rise with him.