Verity Locke

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Verity Locke
Female Sun Elf
Player: bimmybimmy
General Information
Full Name: Verity Locke
Nicknames: "Wizard" (derogatory), double-wiggler, Teeth
Age: 202
Deity: The Dreamer
Occupation: Orphanage Caretaker, Formerly Recordkeeper & Divinations Department Head
Faction/Rank: Bleak Cabal, Namer
Place of Birth: A Prime where wizards wear silly hats
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs.
Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Black, thin, prone to breakage
Complexion: Yellowing, jaundiced
Physical Build: Incredibly lanky, thin, mostly legs
Physical Features: Constantly looks like shit, physically exhausted and tired, smudgy black makeup, weird teeth
Divinations and divination rituals, dream divining, divine magics, theurgy, mediocre elven swordplay, tea brewing
Equipment and Items
Large and floppy hats of various styles, robes and staff with knob on end, theurge's arms and armor

Verity Locke (born ~1250, by her prime's reckoning) is a theurge dream diviner and member of the Bleak Cabal, currently active as a planeswalker out of the city of Sigil. While known primarily by those in the planeswalking community, she has described the occupation as "more of a hobby than anything, really," and can be seen spending a majority of her cycles in and around the Gatehouse of the Hive Ward. There, she works as a caretaker for Sigil's orphan population in its Asylum Wing, teaching letters, numbers, and occasionally using her skills in various magics to heal the sick in other wings of the building.

Early Life