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A blood only gets as good as she gives; whatever a body gives away comes back to her. The lust for material items enslaves a soul to the cosmos, putting a berk in its debt. She who controls these urges controls herself and the multiverse. Through poverty, a cutter gains her heart's desire: service to a deity, peace, or power. On the plane of Ysgard, this barmy philosophy actually seems to work.

The Ring-givers are slowly gathering strength all around the Great Ring, but see their beliefs interpreted differently on different planes. They are strongest on Ysgard and Limbo, and rapidly gaining followers in Pandemonium and the Abyss. Abyssal Ring-givers believe the multiverse owes them something in exchange for their gifts.

The Bargainers and the Fated hate each other vehemently. The Fated take what they want from the Ring-givers, but they always seem to pay a steep price in the end. The ring-givers consider the Sensates depraved, intentionally seeking the multiverse's traps. The sect is allied with the Ciphers, as they both believe action is the key; the Ciphers just don't know that giving is the correct action to take.