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Male Human
Player: person0035
General Information
Full Name: Calder Hadeon
Nicknames: None.
Age: 62
Deity: None
Occupation: Officer.
Faction/Rank: Harmonium
Place of Birth: Some Prime ((Undecided))
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210 - Large build
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None.
Complexion: Warm umber
Physical Build: Wide. Strong.
Physical Features: Obvious wear and tear of the body from battle, work, and age.
Intimidation, farming, martial prowess.
Equipment and Items
Harmonium issued arms and armor.


Parias is an older man. His physique is well-maintained, muscles groomed by years of labor but tamed by rigorous military training. His rich umber flesh has a glow of health and brimmed with life despite being in the later stages of his human life.

His face had wrinkles defining his age like the rings of an elder oak. The whites of his eyes were often cracked with red, but was very much awake and aware. His demeanor did not imply nobility, but was straight and correct in posture - authoritative, and mean, unwavering. He moved like a chariot drawn by the horses Courage and Duty, rarely ever taking the back-step against the odds.

Parias the Harmonium

Parias is, obviously, a member of the Harmonium. Currently he sits at the rank of Notary 2. When seen at work he is often apprehending a criminal, or at least interrogating one. He works closely with the Measure Lucius Birkask, as he's been seen with the Measure often at work.

Parias the Paladin

Less obvious is his paladinhood, but it becomes clear quick when you've chat with him especially when discussing morality. Though he does not worship one Power his oaths pertain to that of peace, unity, and law. He does not enjoy the process of arrest. He desperately wants others to see what he sees - Harmony. Now, he didn't become a paladin when he joined the Harmonium, but his beliefs did line up with that of the faction quite nicely.


Comrades and Acquaintances

Parias closely works with Measure Lucius Birkask, along with the Notarys Peony Dale and Squick Blackpaw.

The Dark

Calder Hadeon

The paladin many know was not always a grumpy old officer of the Harmonium. Calder Hadeon was a planeswalker, like many. As a younger man he would travel plane-to-plane seeking not the wealth of money, but the value of travel and the joy of freedom. He and the rest of his party found themselves frequently in positions of peril in adventures you could likely imagine. Back then one could see the young Calder as a warrior-type. He was someone who stood at the front of his fellows and took hits, diving into danger. It's a miracle he isn't covered in battle scars.

But he is human, and as time passed so did his youth. Eventually he ended up on a small prime world saying goodbye to his mates who were still alive and paid respect to those who were not. Now that he was alone he embraced the humble life of a farmer.

The Turning Point

Now, when asked 'What changed?', the most common answer he gives a blood is 'You wouldn't understand.'. Esoteric, isn't it? Well, luckier folks get a different answer. He'd mention a sunrise and some music, and that it was good. Yeah, not very helpful either. Not that I'll tell you what it means, though.